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Friday, 20 February 2009

Missing Him .... :(


ANIH said...

aduii sis..

rawan hati ku eyh.. bah.. tahu lah kan all this time kamu busy dengan tugas masing2.. malas kn ckp ah, how stress u wit workloads.. :p
no time to chill and such.. Bah, please ah wen sudah slasai.. ambil tah time for u two lagi macam silalu... ;)

u need a break sistah!! hahahha..


Suzila A said...

Hi Anih! Yes. We need a time off to ber'dating' soon! Been so busy with our careers that we don't even have time to ber'dating' on the phone huhu~~

Really miss him. Miss his jokes. Miss him mengusut. Miss being with him. Too bad I myself don't have the time jua waaaa :'(

Thanks babe! *hugs*

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