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Friday, 13 February 2009

Lunch Out with Anih

It was unplanned. Her text came in just before noon, which I was very thankful cause I was sound asleep still at that time *blush*. The next hour, we met at La Mee. It was my idea. I needed some fresh air so ..

We exchanged updates. Me, of course babbled about my hectic life. Sorry I bored you to death dear. Well, what friends are for right! You can't get away but be a listener ;) It's really good to see her again and knowing that she's now feeling better. She was sick some time last week, with coughs and all. It's the weather. Alhamdulillah it's been sunny lately. My lungs can't stand the cold no more. Alhamdulillah ..

Anih and I talked about so many things in such short hour. One of the things that I remember is us talking about how ungrateful kids nowadays are. Honestly speaking, when I was their age, I was really scared of my teachers. I didn't dare to talk back, even look them in the eye, especially when it was my fault for not submitting homework on time or such. We, back then, listened to our teachers. We were very grateful!

Now, it's very hard to handle them. Sometimes I wonder what have made them act that way. I have kids who ignore me in class. Even pass me by not even greeting us with 'salam' or 'good moring' like we used to. Thank God not majority of them are like that. Only one or two who are just ... difficult!

My achievement so far .. I have several MV students who managed to write or complete the tasks I gave them. Their other teachers who saw them writing actually whispered in my ear, asking what my 'petua' is for making them sit down and actually do their work quietly.

Honestly, I don't know. Do I have the power of making kids listen and obey me? I don't know. But I do have the stern look, which makes students run a mile, if you know what I mean. Which reminds me - Zul F commented: "How can you have that look .. that serious-don't-mess-with-me look? You can even shift from all smiley to that in a sec. So scary!" I smiled and he continued, "Teach me!"

Alhamdulillah for His gift. If psychology does not work, this look helps! :)


david santos said...

Hello, Suzila!!!!
Excellent posting and pretty photo.
Have a nice weekend.

Suzila A said...

Hi David! Thanks for dropping by again :) Have a nice weekend to you too my friend :)

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