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Monday, 23 February 2009

This is My Life!

This is my break, since noon. My brain seems frozen after contributing its energy out for the ever demanding paperwork. Alhamdulillah, all are done. Now, I need a time off before attending to the other tasks that's piling up mountainously on my table. This time, no technology applications will take place but manually by ticking or crossing kids' books with my half-finished red inked pen. Sigh~ I am extremely tired guys ..

Well, this is my life! And day by day I've learnt to accept this for the past 5 years I joined this field. It was hard and still is. If only my career is not made complicated with the 'additional' tasks by the admin side, I am sure still gonna have the passion every single day I enter the classrooms that are flooded by empty faces of my students.

I did talk to the boss and requested (well, begged actually) to let me go of the admin responsibilities that are put on my shoulders. The answer that I got was for me to select 'other' responsibilities that are bound to be filled by me. So in other words, I gotta choose to leave a door of mountain-high extra duties yet to enter 'another' door of the exactly same weight of tasks. I begged to be JUST an educator. A normal teacher. The answer was obviously, a NO.

So, this is my life! In God's name, I may accept all the (extra) tasks in my hand. And surely, I've to get more red pens to play my part well in this part of my life.

PS: Happy 25th National Days to all Bruneians. I am not exactly a patriot but I'm sure glad I'm a Bruneian :) Cheers!

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izz said... always ya sis!!.. ;D

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