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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

NOT all wishes come true

The hour watching those kids writing up their answers was a lil adventure for me. Squeezing their brains out, vanished all those cheeky faces that I see every normal lesson. Their concentration was amazing!

Half an hour passed, I noticed a boy flipping over his test paper and moved on with his mind adventuring. Moving his fingers, I seemed to hear the beats that's playing in his head. I could guess by then that he's quite a dancer, though his feet and body weren't moving. I just knew.

Another boy next to him was watching, seemed to be hypnotised by the silent rhythm playing. His head wasn't nodding, but his eyes were dancing with the moves of those fingers. Mine too I assumed.

A girl in front was sleeping. One of the brightest in the class so waking her up would only make her day. I bet she was dreaming of the coming up June holidays. Way at the back of the classroom, a boy was still struggling. He wasn't weak, but it seemed that worries had made his mind blocked. Like a Chinese boy 3 seats in front of him. He might have answered all the questions, but his face showed nothing but dissatisfaction. He then lay his head on the back of his chair and looked up in the ceiling. Moments later, he flipped over his paper and started scribbling again.

The last boy in my observation reminded me a lot of myself when I was their age back in high school. He obviously had finished his calculations but not his personal ones. He flipped over every page of the paper, mouth chattering whispers and fingers counting. He was counting his marks! Surely those he was confident enough to obtain in the test. Just like I did ages ago in the examination hall. Did I guess it right? Mostly!

An hour of a lil mind adventure was interesting. It made the head work and the heart sing. A beautiful scene to watch and an envy in between.

I wish I am back to where I worried about failing every test paper in school, finishing every assignment and project given and counting every single mark I thought I was able to get.

I wish I am 13. Just like them ..


Princess Gizmo said...

Oh yes... Talking about 30th Going 13!! Right? Hehehe... I miss those time where we were carefree from 'adult problems'... *sigh*..

Suzila A said...

*sigh* I know .........

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