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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Thank you

To the commenter .. My apology for my 'carelessness' sharing the problem I have concerning a particular boy in our school.

Upon your advice, I have deleted the previous blog entry. And for your information, we have collected information of the boy's family background and tomorrow we are expecting his mother, hopefully. Of course with the full support from our counselor.

Thank you for your concern and yes. If you feel like visiting our school, you're welcome. Memang membagi ingau hati. Membari tekajut and concern me banar2. And so I wrote it here. I didn't realise it could be that 'sensitive'.

Thank you very much and hope to see you :)

PS: To Seagull, thanks for your text messages. I didn't realise you're still a reader here till your text came last night. I was having dinner with him when it came. The wedding? Hmm .. Malas kan cakap now!! Thanks again my friend ..


Anonymous said...

alhamdulilah cikgu mendengar nasihat saya megenai artikel tersebut. This morning I have a cup of coffee with Cikgu aidin..heheheh (clue sedikit siapa saya) and I talked about this...awu nya tagur2 saja durang atu pasal kadang2 durang inda tahu the kes sensitif atau inda bah...another clue for anie cikgu org MOE jua dan hampir dengan org atas2 iatah kadang2 me selalu menegur blog2 mana2 yang sesuai sebelum ketaguran.. about your studnt atu cikgu banar tu I am really concern...pasal pernah saya kesekolah mengenai kanak-kanak bejual kacang dalam Brunei Times lalu (another clue)..perkara macama anie cikgu we really concerned. heheheh saya anie..iatah bagus jua cikgu delete pasal mun kana baca bahaya bah...mana lah tahu (nauzubillah jua ah) anak atu banar2 end his life....nah memang kena jua bis cikgu mengapa inda mengambil tindakan perkara atu lebih awal...So tq cikgu ah....kenal kita aku tu...nanti ku g tau siapa me. Me anie kuli2 di MOe saja nie hehehe.BTW sekolah mana kan cikgu anie


Suzila A said...

:) Thank you for letting me know. Sometimes I can be very absent minded of what I do. I always welcome any comments that my readers feel to share with me - Aiseh! Prasan pemes!! :P

Oh I am sure you are someone who's important up there or else you wouldn't drop by and tegur my writings here. For that, again, I thank you and I apologise for my carelessness.

And yes! Your Boss is right. We teachers are sometimes too expressive that the mouth says more than the mind (well, I am referring especially to me, no offense). And this blog of mine is my way of expressing it, especially letting out anger, frustration whatsoever over the demands in this profession. Others may have other ways of doing it. As for me, this blog is my way of saving me from my ever raising Bp as you know erk!!!

Anyway, I am working in one of the new schools in BSB. I am sure you have the list of names of new schools here. Bru jua started last March ;) (clue from me) hehe .. As for your clues, I am still lost babe! DO tegur me when you see me okay! Would very much like to meet you in person. You sound very sincere in your writing here :)

Thank you again :)

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