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Thursday, 28 May 2009

What a week!

My day was fast today, and worse than the day before. I felt extremely lost! I couldn't even recognise a face whom I saw and talked with yesterday. And I didn't like that feeling. I never had this problem before. I used to be good in remembering people I communicated with, though I'd find it very hard to say a name. Lately, this week, I am not me. And I hate that feeling!

I also realised that I felt nothing as soon as I woke up. My eyes are heavy, very heavy, as if they had never taken their rest for ages. My head seems blocked. Like something is holding it tight. I can't focus well and I don't seem to do certain work right. I hate it and so I lost my temper easily. I hate that too. Poor mum's been a victim of my temperament at home. With the flu and fever, I feel worse. I also had taken a few puffs of my Ventolin since the asthma attacks every night before I go to bed. This week was hell!

I missed the drama course yesterday. I had planned to have my self checked at the clinic instead, even Sharul left work early to accompany me, only to be troubled with his car. It broke down on the way back to Bandar from Lumut. It had to be towed back to a workshop. We promised to meet at a place at 2pm. The plan was cancelled finally when the 'blur' me went to another place while my baby was waiting somewhere else! I couldn't focus and whatever was happening had caused the brain to be confused. I hate it! Poor Sharul had to walk home from the workshop when I could've driven all the way to pick him up but the anger over 'my' stupidity won the medal. And my baby had to give in. Sorry Love .. :(

Today wasn't much different. But at least, we made it to the clinic. My Bp was high. Surprise surprise! I got the longest lecture from the doc. This time, she seriously advised me to start taking the medicine. Having high Bp is not healthy. It's dangerous, she said. It can even affect my kidneys, heart, bla bla bla. Suddenly I felt like I'm dying :'(

Sharul was there listening and explained to the doc on the supplement tablets that I've been taking since last week. The doc insisted me to stop taking it immediately. It's definitely given side effects on me, obviously. She said, major headache is one of the many side effects of whatever supplements or medicine one takes. If headache persists, thus the pills taken are not suitable for us. She must've seen how blur I was, I'm sure. She gave me a day off on Saturday though I didn't ask for it. I must've looked depressed. She urged me to take a long rest and not to worry about a thing. Stress and depression kill, she said.

The rest of the afternoon Sharul took me out. He didn't go to work today just to take me to the clinic. Ain't he sweet! And today, he treated me like a princess. He even bought me a carpet! Something I'd been eyeing since last month. You know what, I think my Bp's gone down now ;)

I told mum about what the doc said. She's worried knowing it all. She even apologised for forcing me to consume the pills that she bought me. She said she only wanted me to get better. Finally now, I can stop taking them. I hope I will feel better soon. I hate being sick!

PS: I pulled out from the BADS Comedy Night this coming 4th June. I don't think I can cope with the rehearsals and commitment. Besides, with the condition I am in, I don't think I can memorise the script on time. I don't want to spoil the night with my making a fool of my self on the stage. Well, there's always next year. Hope the team understands *sigh*


Princess Gizmo said...

Get well soon & take a full rest okay?? *sigh* High BP is not good!!

Suzila A said...

I cried thinking of how bad it could be if I still have the high Bp :'( I need help peeps ..

Cemana kan turun kan Bp ani??? *sad*

Babe said...

Decrease salt intake. I think switch to a different kind of salt macam yg bejual di Guardian. Instead of salt, you can use herbs & spices for flavour. STAY AWAY from any products with MSG like keropok, instant noodles etc.

You also have to lose weight to lower your BP. Don't eat anything bigger than your two fists put together because that's about the size of your stomach. Snack on fruits, eat more vegetables. Cut down on pasta & rice.

The more you eat fruits/vegetables/fibre, the less hungry you feel & you lose your appetite for other food such as junk food, greasy food etc.

Hope this helps.

Anih said...

Kamvang eyh~ sdh kna blikan carpet tauz turun bp :P see ada sdh 1 tips kn turunkn bp :)

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