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Monday, 11 May 2009

The new look

I wanted to cut my hair but Sharul is so against it (like it won't grow again, doh!). I wanted to straighten it, again he stops me. This time with a more valid reason: broke! I have curly hair since birth so straightening it makes me look ... neater! Those with curly hair like mine will sure understand what I mean huhu~~ Then when I complained about my contact lens, he's eager to take me to hunt for a new pair of glasses (I broke mine ages ago!). His reason, he fell in love with me wearing glasses that's why. Chiss!! Melting ku babe!! :-P

We spent hours looking for the suitable glasses for me. You must have realised from dozens of my pictures here that I have a round (chubby/fat) face so I need rather a wide framed glasses with big lens. I finally found one with only $275 (a real bargain) and am happy finding out that my left eye's degree has lessened. Dunno how, but it has! Unfortunately my right one still remains high: 425. Left: 375 (from 425 as well).

Today at work I started wearing my glasses. Colleagues commented on the new look and my kids were all smiling. Not sure what's in their mind but quite a few left comments asking "why" I wear glasses. I was like, "Doh! Kabur lah pasal tu pakai glasses!" <-- Well, I didn't say this out loud hehe. I replied saying, "The contact lens hurt my eyes so I wear this (the glasses) today." They looked at me still and I in the end said, "I will wear my contact lens again tomorrow," with a fake smile. Nah! I'll stick to the new look for now. The contact lens do after all hurt my eyes.

With the contact lens, my eyes always feel tired. So heavy that I sometimes feel like closing them and just doze off to dreamland. Now with the glasses, my vision is clearer, though I need to rub off the mist on the lens everytime after leaving an air-conditioned room, or even my car. Not to mention when it rains (adush!!).

Despite that, I think I'm still gonna wear glasses tomorrow ;)

Zits?!! Erk!!!

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