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Saturday, 9 May 2009

What a wild night!!

"Wild" is the word to describe my night out with my Drama Team colleagues tonight. We planned the night out since forever. It was really nice and personally a great advantage for me to get to know these very talented bunch of people better as I only meet them once a week during the weekly drama course. I wasn't in the team when it was first introduced. I volunteered as I needed to learn some drama tips for the Drama Club CCA.

I got to Junjong B&B roughly at 5pm after my Drama CCA with pretty cute and committed students this afternoon. We've planned what we're gonna present on the Israk Mikraj celebration next month. It was really nice seeing eager kids for the parts in the 15-minute drama. Just the right attitude I am seeking in the club I am in charge this year.

I only brought in some snacks and fries. We did the cooking while Salwa brought the spaghetti sauce from home. They left the stove to me while they rushed into the house pool outside since I don't know how to swim. Dinner was ready by 8pm as Jeff had complained about his gurgling stomach! Hehe :P We had chicken spaghetti, grilled chicken (courtesy of Jeff) and ice-cream for dessert brought in by Noi. Louie had to leave early as she has dinner to attend tonight too. But the house was merrier with Salwa's two little angels, Emma and Elsa. They're cute and hyper, especially Emma. I taught her how to play 'congkak' and she learned fast too!

At the attic, Remy took his keyboard out and played a few tunes while we girls sang along the beat. I had to leave the group as the owner of the rest house paid a visit. Time flew fast but I enjoyed their company. We talked at the foyer, joined by Mr. Omar's brother, and we chatted from one topic to another. They are really down to earth. I shared with them on my opinion about Dinawan Resort Island and showed them a few pictures of the resort. I do hope that they will eventually build the Dinawan-like resort at Junjungan cause people, it's about time that Brunei has its own resorts! The place is strategic, away from town, peaceful and above all, the service is just good! I mean it!

After they left, I got back into the games the guys were playing: the famous "Give Us A Clue" and "Who's Line Is It Anyway" (I was so bad with background voice hahaha!). I missed the guys' song creation of "I Farted In The Examination Hall" but they were kind enough to sing it to me again LOL!! Hilarious!! Here's a few lines that I remember:

It was examination
I sat in the hall
It was so silent

But whoops! I farted
Ohh it stink

But nobody knew it

And I just kept on farting

And I went

Tratt .. tratt .. tratt ..


I farted in the examination hall .....

Something like that! LOL!! I laughed till I cried! With the background music played by Remy, the song was just cracking my tummy out!! We then made more songs out of nothing, taking turns creating the lines like "My Stressful Job" and "When I Was Robbed On My Second Date" ahahha!! We had so much fun!!

Another crazy game we had was the "Worst Line You'd Say". One would select an occasion, the next would form the worst line on the occasion selected. We had several funny occasions like "The Worst Line You'd Say ... On Your Wedding Day, ... When Your Wife Just Gave Birth, ... To Your Future Parents-in-law, ... To Your New Boss, ... When You Get A Speeding Ticket, ... The Pilot ... On A Romantic Dinner ... Your Graduation Day" ... etc etc etc. I lost count!!!

Lemme share a few WORST lines you could say on your wedding day:
Noi: I married ... YOU?!!
Me: Can we get a divorce yet?

Salwa: How much do you earn?

Izan: This is not going to cost much debt ..

Remy: After this is gonna be your sister!

And here's the WORST lines you could say when your wife just gave birth:
Me: Girl AGAIN?!!
Salwa: How come he's black when I'm ... white??

Izan: Baby ... Does it hurt?

Remy: That one or the kick in the tummy?

Jeff: Can we adopt??

Noi: I .. I just don't know what to say ..

The WORST lines to your future parents-in-law:
Me: Do you cook?
Salwa: Could we stay with you for like ... 8 to 10 years?

Izan: Let me be honest with you. I don't know how to take care of babies!
Remy: Ermm ... This is NOT the first child ...

Jeff: To tell you the truth, I never liked you!
Noi: Your son is GOOD!

LOL!! Those and MORE!!! Hahahaha!!!

Now the time shows almost 12am and the gang is outside, 'soul searching' they called it hehe :P Gotta go now! Enjoy the pictures!! :)

The gang without Jeff
Posing ... whoops! COOKING in the kitchen ;)
The room, facilities, the house! Nice eh!!
Remy with his keyboard. This fella is very very talented!!
Jeff loving the house and trying out the Osim foot massage ;)
Singing and games at the attic :)
Dinner time. It feels like back at the hostel life :D
The WILD night!!!

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