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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Week's photo stories

**** The BBQ at Junjong ***

The BLA+1 enjoying the food .. and the house :)
Food's cooked 'with love' ;)
Chicken Spaghetti ..
Chicken Lasagna .. and ..
BBQ chicken and sausages :)
Alahaiii ... My baby malu hehe :P
Chilling at Junjong :)
Thanks Ting for coming :) Hope you enjoyed your stay too! Mwahs!!
A gathering that'll never be forgotten ..
The 'hosts' ;)
Lulu trying out the Osim foot massage :)
Everyone on the ground floor, taken from the attic
The next minute, they brought the presents up to the attic singing "Santa Claus is Coming Home" LOL!!
Opening the presentsssss heeeeeeee :P
I love the pashmina. Thanks Suria. We missed her that night .. And thanks Kiem for the blue necklace! :D
Align CenterAnother pashmina from Johnny :)
A few of the MANY dolphin gifts. Thanks guys!!! :D
.. and another .. Thanks Johnny :)
Relaxing theme's a success!! Yeyy!! :D
I love the dolphin bracelet! And my watch was out of battery! Just on time for a new one ;) Thanks Yatie! :)
Ehem! Terasa babe!! Huhu~~ Sharul said I quote: "The others pakai tudung sudah, Sayang bila?" *wink wink* Thanks Yatie! I love the design of the scarf :)
Mixtures of gifts from everybody :)
Nice kannn ... :)
Owhhh I NEED these!! Thanks Roslin :)
LOL!! The door curtain is from Mas, slippers from Niza, handbag from Roslin and watch from Yatie :D
Thanks Mas. I love the poem you gave me *hugs*
LOL!! Macam Datin?? :P This black bling-bling bag is from Niza. The pin that I hang on the necklace is from Mas. Thanks girls :)
My gift for the BLA+1: a small towel and facial mask in a pouch :) Hope they like it!
Thanks all!! *hugs*
The requested birthday 'pudding' :) Thanks Mas! I loved it!! Aiks! Yatie inter framed! Hahaha!!!
Nyum nyum!!
BLA+1. MIA: Rahimah and Suria ..

*** The next morning ***

I can't believe Leng was MARKING!!! Shesssh!!!
Breakfast awaits at 8am: Junjong Special :)

***After breakfast: photo shootings and swimming***

We love the partition. It's not a wall but it does its part separating the foyer and the dining room. Nicely done! And this chair is brand new. The owner had just brought it in the day before :)
While the ladies were swimming, Johnny went online, I observed ;)
Yanti & Leng were persuading Lulu to jump in but with no success LOL!!!

***Before leaving***

***BADS drama rehearsal***

Hmm ... The stage ...
Guess where this is ;)

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