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Monday, 25 May 2009


The barbecue at Junjong B&B last Saturday went well as planned. The BLA+1 arrived there at 6pm, while I was still cooking and only arrived there a few minutes before 7pm. At the end of the day, they loved the place and are definitely coming back for another getaway. My theme 'relaxing night' was a success. And I love the presents!!

Only 5 of us stayed over night. Yanti, my cousin, also joined in. She slept like a baby, even my snoring didn't seem to wake her up in the middle of the night hehe. The bed was perfect and the pillows were soft. 5 hours sleep felt like forever! We checked out at 12pm the next day.

The next outing plan is to Tembirdie. Johnny, Lulu and my self miss the time we had there last year. The plan is next month during the hols. Hopefully Rosman and Irman will be able to show us the way again like last time. I miss the cool and clear river water, as well as the beauty of the green. Also the fresh air of the forests and cold breeze on the way to Bangar. Vacationing in here is as nice as going abroad. Brunei indeed has its own unexpected treasures : )

I'm down with the fever and flu again. I think it's the lack of sleep that I've been having lately. Besides, mum is forcing me to consume these supplement tablets every morning. It says it will help me control my bp whatsoever. Obviously mum is worried of my health condition, for she herself is on medication for her high bp. She spent hundreds on the tablets but since taking them, I've been feeling different. I tend to have headaches more often, feel weak and weary, I can't focus on certain things and I tend to lose my temper even easily! Yesterday I spent most of my time in the bathroom: throwing up whatever I was eating and to the loo.

Today was better though I still felt tired and moody, not to mention the headache. I had to take my afternoon nap, which was seldom. The period is making it worse! Just now, I had to ask my baby to take me to have some soup so I'd feel warm. The fever was giving me the cold. Whoever invented soup, I thank them! And mum has finally told me to stop taking the tablets. I guess I must look terrible with the flu (and the temper I am having lately). But Sharul said I should continue. He has this theory of the tablets working on detoxifying my body system, thus all the fever and whatever. Hmm .. We'll see to that!

I just got back from the BADS rehearsal. It would be my first sketch performance for the public audience. It's gonna be this coming 4th June. Friends are coming, also a few colleagues. The rest are people from everywhere. I got the stage fright already thinking of it! My part is only a short sketch. The night is all about comedy. During the rehearsal, Sharul and I had tears in our eyes as we laughed watching the others perform onstage. The scripts were so funny that we couldn't stop laughing, even on the way back home LOL!! The performers were so good that I felt I was the bad one! Huhu~~

I need to memorise the scripts soon. Next Monday is the next rehearsal. I need to rehearse more or I'll spoil the final night! *pressure*

PS: Pictures will be uploaded soon ..

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