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Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lasagna anyone??

I've been wanting to share this with you guys. Since today the boyfriend (well, it was my idea at first) wanted me to cook the lasagna, so I guess it's time that I share it in here. To Mamashasha, sorry dear. I only cooked a bit of it today (sia-sia pun ling ...). Will sure cook for you soon okay ...

The ingredient:
1/2 kg of minced beef / chicken
1 box of San Reno lasagna (boiled)
1 carton of milk
2 spoon full of plain flour
1 small tin of tomato puree
1 bar of mozzarella cheese
A small cup of warm water
1 small bar of Golden Churn (unsalted) margarine
Chili sauce (to taste)
Pepper (to taste)
Sliced onion (to taste)
Sugar (to taste)
Salt (to taste)

The sauce:
1. Boil the milk: dim the stove
2. Put in half of the margarine bar: let it melt
3. Pour in the flour
4. Stir till they mix perfectly
5. Add salt and pepper to taste
6. Add in a small piece of mozzarella cheese
7. Stir till the cheese melts in the sauce

The beef / chicken:
1. Cook the minced beef / chicken: add a cup of warm water
2. Add in the sliced onion
3. Pour in the tomato puree and chili sauce to taste
4. Add sugar and salt to taste

To prepare:
1. Spread a bit of margarine on a bowl's surface
2. Lay a boiled sheet of lasagna in the bowl
3. Spread the sauce on the sheet
4. Spread the beef / chicken on the sauce
5. Repeat steps 1 to 3 till the fourth of fifth layer
6. Spread the (shredded) mozzarella cheese on the top layer of the lasagna
7. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes

Good luck!! :)


MamaShasha said...

aii...nyaman...hehe..I still want you to cook for me...gtau saja berapa belanja nya ling ah..sebab masa ani aku alum dapat masak..:(

Suzila A said...

Hi ling! Eh kesian ehh.. Bah nanti tah ahh. Kelmarin atu pun memasak nada beplan.

Don't worry. Nda ku minta bayar dihh :) Nanti ah ku masak kan. Kesian jua urg mengidam ani huhu~~

MamaShasha said...

mm..kasian tu.banyak barang2 nya.kalau inda pun..let me pay half kah. awu, ani pun aku mengida kan makan Italian food...ada-ada saja...pokoknya kadang banyak towards makanan western..tapi inda jua dapa didulur banar ni...

Suzila A said...

Yep! Watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Krg lain jadi nya ling. Tau tah if preggy ani ;) <-- I learnt all these from preggy colleagues at school so ... :P

Anonymous said...

Ting..! nyaman usul nya lasagna mu ah..Ajar ku nanti cana k.Bila kau kan membuat lagi? Mau jua ku kan belajar.When u free lah k.. Cheers darling..

Suzila A said...

Hi Ting! Eh balum ku ajar kan?? Bah nanti tah. If ku membuat ada ku bebunyi tu ;)

FReD said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! LASAGNE ahhhhh make one for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Suzila A said...

Ehehe :P Bah Fred nanti ku buat kan ;)

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