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Thursday, 7 May 2009


It's almost 11pm. I am sleepy but my brain is not. I feel like writing but can't figure out what to write just yet. There are too many jumbled ideas in my head that I feel like sharing with you guys. One thing for sure, I need a long vacation now. I am tired. I feel weak. I think it comes from within. The thing with the boyfriend is not settled yet though we are now in talking phase. You know, the I-only-talk-with-you-when-I-need-to talking phase. Whatever, I don't feel anything now. Still empty.

A parent came to the office today. Her kid brought a mobile phone to school so of course only parents can obtain it back from us. I tell you! I am sick of this confiscating stuff from the children!! They just don't listen!! Not to mention when their phones are stolen or misplaced. They'd see us to make the complaints! If only they LISTEN!!

Anyway, this parent must have felt threatened by me. I was tired and I got lots to put my hands on at the table, and it was almost 2pm. I needed to finish all before 3pm or I'd miss the Zuhur prayer - I am thinking of saving a corner at my office for a praying area. The school is too big that I don't wanna spend my energy going to the school surau. Besides, I don't have the key to the room so ...

Back to the parent. After all the black-and-white form filling procedure, she made a brief conversation with me:

Parent: Still here? It's already late ..
Me: Oh .. Yes. Got no choice. I've lots of things to do, as you can see here (pointing to my piles of books to mark)
Parent: .. Oh .. Sorry. I told my daughter to bring her phone. She was sick last time ..
Me: Hmm .. I am sorry. You need to know too that we are just doing our job here. It is stated that students cannot bring phones to school. Whatever the reasons ..
Parent: Yes .. I apologise ..
Me: Your daughter can use the school's phone anytime she needs to. She just needs to come here and ask for permission. We will let her use it ..
Parent: Yes okay ..
(Parent and daughter packing to leave. The daughter shook my hand, followed with the mom)
Parent: You look young .. (while shaking my hand). How old are you?
Me: What the hell!! (Of course I didn't say this out loud). I am 30 (after a few seconds of hesitation)
Parent: Oh .. I am 29!
Me: Hmm .. Okay ..

And they left!

Okay .. That's odd!!

I got memos in my pigeon hole today. A lot!! One is about a talk I am invited to attend (on Sunday!). So nope! Am gonna skip that! Another is about the itinerary of my tomorrow's working trip to SM Kebangsaan Merbau, Miri (and it starts as early as 6:30am till 5pm). Another is about a course I am instructed to attend next week, when the memo said it's intended for teachers teaching less than 3 years. I was like ... HELLO!! 2009 is my 5th year in the profession, doh!

Okay, maybe that made my day today. Now I feel bad about the parent, though aku kena sebiji with her last remark before leaving. I know lah, I am 30, single and unmarried. Huhu ~~ Sensitip ku masa ni kamuuuuuuuu!!!

I dined out with the boyfriend just now. The restaurant happened to show the RTB drama, dunno what it's called. But the story was about a husband and wife fighting and the scene showing when me and Sharul entered the restaurant was when the wife's grandpa was advising her to be tolerant and considerate with the hubby. After all, they had a kid to look after. Ignoring one another would not solve the problem, he said.

Kechingg ~~~ It's like a shot in me, and for sure Sharul too. I cried (again) but tried to hide it from him. Kedia pun gundah jua duduknya. Terasa tia jua tu!! The rest of the time at the table was silent. Till he dropped me home later on. And I feel empty again now ..

I don't know when this 'menyamal' phase will last. He did try making an effort. Texting me now and then. Calling me 'sayang' and 'daleng'. Though I crooked a smile reading them, the heart still won't give in. People! The ego has landed!!

I feel like sharing more but can't really let out the ideas one by one. I'll share when my brain is in one piece, hopefully after the trip tomorrow. Alamak! Nda lagi ku biasa dengan ku pegi ani huhu ~~~ Teringat iklan Kristal FM --> THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG RIDE ............ Erk!!

I need to go to sleep now! Or I'll snore all the way to Miri. Brimalu tuuu .........

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