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Monday, 18 May 2009

Subhanallah ..

Yet another good movie for all. I am hunting for the novel and hopefully I'd be able to get a grab of it soon!

"Syahadat Cinta" was playing on Indonesian channel a few months ago but I missed it. Mom said it was a very nice movie, taken from a book written by an Indonesian novelist Taufiqurrahman Al Azizy. Never heard of this novelist before but I am sure his writing is as good as the movie.

Here's one of the many 'lessons' I learnt while watching it:

"Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Minta lah pertolongan dengan sabar dan solat. Sesungguhnya Allah bersama dengan orang-orang yang sabar. Jika kita diliputi ketakutan, dihimpit kesedihan dan dicekik kerisauan, maka segeralah bangkit untuk melakukan solat. Nescaya jiwa kita ini akan kembali tenang kerana solat itu mampu meniupkan kejernihan dan ketenangan hati ke dalam roh kita yang paling dalam sehingga kita akan redha dengan apa yang sudah ditentukan oleh Allah."

"Hey Muslimin with Iman! Seek assistance with patience and solat. For Allah is always with those who have the patience in heart. When you are shaken with fright, suffocated with sadness and haunted with worries, rise and do your solat. For calm will come in you because solat can shower your inner soul with peace that we will finally be able to accept the destiny that Allah has set on us with the heart free of burden."

Beautiful. Such beautiful verses. Subhanallah!



ANIH said...

nanti ku mencari lin dvd nya.. :)

Suzila A said...

Okay! I am still looking for the novel. Balum sampai Brunei pakah! Ndada di kadai huhu~~

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