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Monday, 11 May 2009

Speechless ......

I dined out with Sharul just now then I met HR when window shopping. She used to be my DP at the previous workplace who was also my mentor whom I turned to whenever I had any professional advice or help. When she left, she was greatly missed ...

We chatted then she brought up the topic about my recent transfer. She confessed that she was surprised knowing that I was suddenly moved to the new school when she knew that I was NEVER in the list before hand. Then she moved on saying that she went to the admin people and asked WHY I was transferred. I was waiting for her to continue when she stopped ...

Then she said ... I quote: There's politic behind your transfer ... and she didn't elaborate when I asked for the truth. She just advised me to be careful, whatever that means.

Okay! Now I feel like shit! I feel so damn stabbed and betrayed!!

What the hell had I done wrong that I was moved so suddenly? What had I NOT done in 5 years I served and spent all my sweat there???

I really feel sick now!! I rather they, whoever they are, say it to my face than do this. So damn UNPROFESSIONAL!!!

So not fair!!!! :'(

Now I am officially demotivated. I feel so small like I was just slapped in the face. So not fair :'(


Anonymous said...

Jumpa lagi cikgu...sabar saja cikgu..Bukan di sekolah saja even di Minister kitanie pun pun bnyk mcm yang memang ada chance untuk naik tap.tap org lauin pulang dapat. I(nda lari tu politik keraja yang penting kitanie ikhlas buat keraja kerana Allah.

Anonymous said...

Salam Suzi,
Reading ur recent post.. let me tell u that I used to be a teacher but due to this "politic" things .. i QUIT! Why? I'm not a kind of person who can move on with unhealty management!! So I move to private sector which I have to admit, I made a rite decision :) *Syair*

Suzila A said...

To Anonymous .. I admit in my previous entries I was 'glad' when I was transferred. Why? Coz I had too many responsibilities on my shoulders, which, I am proud to say, I 'managed' to do though it came with some groaning here and there. Hey! I am just a human being. NOT robot!

And yes! Outside school hours, I am also called to the ministry doing this and that. All is done with Bismillah. Like you said, I was treated unfairly jua, which is sooooo DEMOTIVATING!

I don't ask for raise. Or name. An appreciation is just enough you see. It's just FRUSTRATING!!


Suzila A said...

Hi *Syair*

Yes, when the pressure peaks, I often think of resigning for good! After all, teaching is something that is 'unplanned', if you know what I mean ..

Though I DO my work sincerely, when this 'politic' thing comes up, membari sakit hati you know!!!

I guess it's time I channel myself away from this career after all. Wait and see! I am so bloody sick of this shit!!

Good for you dear now that you're happier. Jeles ehhh *tsk tsk*

MamaShasha said...

Salam Dear...
it is very common about this thing, as if you have done something wrong then kana transfer. HEard it anywhere...actualy that person really tercabar with what you have been done to the schools, since you were involved here and there, as if u are orang harapan. But don't worry, kana transfer ani mesti ada hikmahnya kan...sabar saja...:)

Suzila A said...

Salam to you too dear ..

Yes. Indeed ada hikmah nya. I did say I was offended kena transfer so suddenly but I also admitted I was glad. Why? Coz ringan bahu sebab kraja yg kena 'dumped' hilang.

I am hurt but I feel blessed at teh same time. Alhamdulillah :)

PS: This politic thing is so demotivating! I rather not do too much now coz I know someone out there is 'judging' me differently. Allah knows best.

MamaShasha said...

Yes, true. That person will definitely want to know apa yang u get ivolved di sekolah atu me.Boring kali ah, kalau sudah kalah2an, ya tah drang buat tu. nya orang tetindih. kan mau naik saja bah tu...hehe...

Suzila A said...

Mamashasha .. Boring kan!! Mun cemani better quit and do business sendiri!!

Business apa ahhh ... Ahh! Jadi SPY! To catch those yg not professional atu! Wahahaha!!! *mental*

Thanks for your understanding dear. Hurt banar ku in this kind of situation. Ngalih saja keraja tapi .. *hugs*

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