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Sunday, 31 May 2009

Thankful ..

I am blessed having caring families and friends around. I've read through the comments, suggestions and advice in the previous posts. I can't thank you guys more. Hugs to all!!


Leng said...

control ur temper n exercise often.. we need to relax... and stay calm..

29 May 2009 13:15


Princess Gizmo said ...

I agree with Leng.. You need to loosen up dear.. I know you're too serious bah.. Jgn marah ling ah hehehe.. Well try to take it lightly.. Kalau ada prob pun jgn pikir sorg2 talk with someone u know & trust ok? 1 more thing if you always think negatively & make 'full use' of your brains with those unnecessary things... Sure bp naik tu..

Believe me. Coz I nearly suffered from High bp too back in year 2004 or 2005. From that moment I tried to loosen up, Alhamdulillah ok my bp :)

It's good to hear that at least you managed to lose your weight even it's not much but better kan? Slowly you'll lose more weight tu. I agree with u 100% our job ani tah yg bagi tani nda byk energy *sigh*..

I dunno how to help u lagi ling. Just hope other people ada better advices :)

29 May 2009 14:33

Lulu said...

u know wat, u need to get out of discipline! i mean it!

talk to admin, tell them ur condition. ur doc can write surat for u.

do it, suzi, i'm dead serious, u need to do this for health n sanity's sake

minta isuk, asap

29 May 2009 16:09

Babe said...

Decrease salt intake. I think switch to a different kind of salt macam yg bejual di Guardian. Instead of salt, you can use herbs & spices for flavour. STAY AWAY from any products with MSG like keropok, instant noodles etc.

You also have to lose weight to lower your BP. Don't eat anything bigger than your two fists put together because that's about the size of your stomach. Snack on fruits, eat more vegetables. Cut down on pasta & rice.

The more you eat fruits/vegetables/fibre, the less hungry you feel & you lose your appetite for other food such as junk food, greasy food etc.

Hope this helps.

29 May 2009 20:53

Seagull said...

I heard colleague said drinking fresh celery juice helps to lower hypertension. I think she said mixed with carrot..

Try to sleep early Suzi.

30 May 2009 00:09


Anih said...

Ling! Aher ku mbgi comment ni.

kalo d,katakn genetic.. Low chances x. P dlm peradian far my sis yg kana. Includes th high cholestrol ling. P ato sal permakanan jua..

sal high bp yg ku liat punca dri persekitaran, stress, bnyk fikir, presure kaja, presure sekeliling scara tk lngsung dri tani atau org.. Sigh~ *based on experience* sma f ada problem..try to sort thangs out, jgn tlampau tani fikirkan ling ah. P kdg2 mlampau jua bh ah, esp msa kes yg u cetakn ah. Mbri k,jiwa jua. See~ diri yg jdi fikiran kan..

Try to relax ling ah, happy owez, maintain keep positif..yg penting u must take enuf rest..jgn tlampau workaholic jua.. Syngi dirimu jua.. A2 pun mcm u lepak2 wit fwens apa a2 kira satu drp nya jua, ada rezeki lbeh k, spa b,urut aromathepy.. Syangi diri anda~ :) :p


30 May 2009 01:15


Iqa said...

you need to be less stress. i think u tu ngalih berabis. u atu ramai udah ckp workoholic. rehat tah. u really need to loosen up.

and if u exercise while having a high bp it will even worsen it. u can exercise when its stable dah. invest d gaurdian yg bp punya mesin atu. briskwalking is ok but again u will make it worse kalau bepanas. hypertension ani kan bahaya. even org high bp nda dpt sauna,jacuzzi etc etc. nda bleh panas lai.

all u can do at the moment is rest. and less salt intake my dear. no salt kalau bleh. if hypertension ani mainly ur body retains water. banarnya i think ur body is mainly water tu. sal kalau org hypertension berisi nya lain. air saja tu.

just dun think about anything and relax.

30 May 2009 17:02

Scarlet said...

Hi ting! If you want to lower your blood pressure yang penting nya jauhkan daripada stress. I agree with the others..Sometimes i feel u are thinking TOO much pasal keraja..Jgn luan di pikirkan maasalah pasal kraja, personal matter and students..

To reduce i think u need to change ur diet.. Jgn mkn after 7pm. Eat more vegetables, fruits and lowfat dairy food.. AVOID Mayonnaise, butter, Cheese or any food yang high in saturated fat.. and the MOST important thing..reduce yr salt intake. Jgn tah d mkn lagi keropok, instant food or apa2 yang masin.Coz yang ku tau kebanyakkan org dpt high BP coz of high salt intake in their diet.Kalau bleh kalau u mkn d kadai gtau no need to add salt.

Eat more garlic.. It will help u to reduce yr cholesterol and blood pressure level. Try to sleep early..If possible 10pm(paling akhir!). Dont drink coffee and tea coz this will make yr heart beats faster and increase ur BP. Hope this will help dear... Kdg2 Kesian ku kau ani... Get well soon dear *Mwahs! hugs*

01 June 2009 00:12


I am feeling much better now. I was in bed the past two days. The drugs for the flu and fever were too strong that the moment I took them, I felt my eyes heavy and soon enough, I'd be sleeping like a baby. I only woke up for solat, meals and of course, the meds in the next 6 hours. Between wakes and sleeps, I'd peek through this page to see what 'help' I could get. Alhamdulillah, I am so thankful! Messages in MSN are also encouraging. My heart melts reading those advice and kind words, though in a 'scolding' way :)

Yesterday afternoon I planned to go to Shahbandar meeting up with the girls to do some hiking but a friend stopped me from going after she 'scolded' me on MSN. So I cut pasted her lectures in this blog so for my reminder and for those out there who are having the same problem as I am. So instead of going exercising, Sharul took me out sightseeing. Well, more of sighting the sunset at Jerudong and Tungku Beaches actually. I felt so alright with the sight of the sunsets! My baby knows me so well!

Today, I went to have a massage. Alhamdulillah, I feel much much better since. I've been looking after my diet strictly too. Thanks to all the advice guys! For the moment, I won't be going out exercising, especially not hiking till I'm sure my blood pressure is stable. I pray that it will.

Once again, thank you for all the feedbacks. I am forever thankful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS: I will upload some pictures of the sunsets that I took yesterday. Now I am off to bed. Just took the night pills. My eyes are so heavy! G'night people!!


Princess Gizmo said...

Glad you're taking the advices dear. :)

MamaShasha said...

Sorry did not leave any comment on ur previuos post. and I read one of ur friend's comment, ia cakap makan garlic. If u dun want to eat the raw one, you panggang the bawang putih atu denagn kulit di atas api..with no minyak ah. the taste is beter than the raw one.lagi pun...inda padas tu kalau suda betanak atas api.k...because drg my mum in law makan macam atu. ia boleh hilangkan cholesterol and angin dalam badan. you never know the cholesterol atu might cause you having high bp. Anyway...take a good care of yourself...think positive...jgn fikir banyak..:)

ANIH said...

Thanx n ur welcum daling.. semana yang tani mampu ah.. :)))

Glad to hear that u getting well jua nah.. and.... yess.. SUNSET is alweeesssss the best medicineee.. apakansss...


Suzila A said...

Thanks girls :)

To Mamashasha, yes. Tips jotted down. Thanks dear. No worries. Better late than never :) I still welcome advice and tips anytime.

For the record, I am feeling much much better now. Alhamdulillah :)

Thanks all!! Mwahs!!

MamaShasha said... is only a small and simple tips from me. Good to hear that you are better now. Keep up

Aila said...

Salam. Tr Suzi~~~ Sorry I don't have any tips to lower bp level, but I do hope you'll never give up, and pls dnt fill ur head with neg. things :)

Suzila A said...

Hi dear. Sure, am working on that too ;) Thanks Aila!

Zil said...

Hi Suzila... Nice blog.. came across ur blog somehow and saw ur pics, and i said, eh,i kno this person... Anyway, say hi to ur sister zimah, lama nda jumpa and hows she soin? does she have a blog 2?

Btw, bp level, try goji juice... the authentic ones not the imitation :) just a suggestion coz my husband n some friends took tat and walla.. bp now normal, and has been normal ever since :)

Suzila A said...

Hi Zima'z friend! :D Zilah kah ni? I know you too sista!! & thanks for the tips! Goji ni apa?? Krg tah ku tanya my mum huhu~~~ Thanks again dear :)

& no, Zima doesn't have a blog :) Will tell her you said Hi nanti k :)

Zil said...

goji, supplier at big papa's upstairs, was on oprah bfore...

my fren was on pills to lower her bp, after a month, doesnt need pills nymore

do check it out k, on the net perhaps, himalayan goji juice k.. take k

Suzila A said...

Owwhh! I think I saw it at Big Papa's. Bah, thanks for the tips sis! ;)

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