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Thursday, 23 October 2008

BSC Song Recording

Oh Gosh! We're crap! Yes! With capital letters C-R-A-P!!

Okay, the whole thing was planned perfectly. The composer and his group were informed about the recording, which was instructed by the Ministry upon formality. But, last night, they apologized that they couldn't attend today's recording, at about 8pm!! They even requested it to be done next Wednesday or Thursday!! I was like ........ WTF!! Ok, though they couldn't make it, the least they could do was inform me yesterday morning or afternoon so something could be done! This is a government matter! We just CANNOT cancel it in the last minute you see!! Gosh!!

So, in the end, I only had 4 hours sleep last night after contacting dozens of people who could at least play the guitar as background music. The kids were all ready to offer their voice for the recording today so Danny and I decided that we just carried on with the plan, though we couldn't do much actually but to carry on as planned ... Ikut arahan kali ah! Bukan sanang kan cancel urusan kerajaan ani dang!! Nda ku temarah!!!!

Thanks to Ka Anih for helping me finding a guitarist, Aiman, who happens to be her nephew :) Ka Anih! Aiman! You guys are our life saviours!! I'll set a date with you guys for a treat okay! Promise! :D

The kids did try their best but still, without the composer, we were just .... lost! We didn't dare to change any of the beats or tunes. We didn't wanna get sued or anything you know! Even this guy from the Ministry, who's really good in music arrangement, couldn't do much help at first till he listened to one of the students' MP3 of the BSC song, which he saved in his mobile phone. Hardinie, the music guy, then had some ideas about the song and we sat down and talked about what we should do next.

We realised that the composers most likely do not have the time to come and train our kids to sing the song properly. As the song is gonna be the theme song for the camping between Brunei and Singapore, it's sure our responsibility to make the song sounds as brilliant as possible. So Aldinny came up with this idea and Danny and I just had to agree with him cause the truth is, we both DO NOT have any idea about music!! Gosh!! We felt so stupid yesterday! Not to mention the humiliation we had to face!! Thanks to THEM!!! :@

So, we agreed that Hardinie made music arrangement for the song beforehand, adding drums and whatsoever, get it dubbed it and forward it to me and Danny and the kids. As the final exam is coming, it is impossible to have trainings within these two weeks. We're sure their parents won't like it! So sending the background music to all of us hopefully would help the kids to practice at home. It's the best we could do.

As agreed, the actual recording of the song is set on next 17th Nov. at 2pm. Aiman can't make it that day as he is going to sit for his O'Level. We would like to have him around that day. We started it all with him, so we shall end it with him too :) Ka Anih, you're invited to come too ya :)

Can't wait to hear the recorded music! I tell you guys! This Aldinny guy is so talented! He's also helpful and very kind. My kids love him and they feel comfortable with him. He instructed them on how to sing the song in a friendly manner, which made my students feel appreciated. It's really nice to have someone as helpful as him, especially when we're tone deaf, like me and Danny, erk!!

I sent off Danny to ICC after recording, then took Dinie and Zuqi on a late lunch at BCR in Berakas. Poor thing! They were already at the Ministry at 1pm but they didn't have their lunch!! I bet the others didn't have theirs too .... Thank God there were a few bottles of water sold in the Ministry. The kids really needed them as they were practicing the song for hours ....... Sigh~~ I feel bad ... SO bad!! I sent them both home and we learnt that Zuqi's granny is selling the famous ice-cream at Jalan Ong Sum Ping! He gave us a plastic of different ice-cream flavours each! Thanks Zuqi!! :) Danny! Jangan jeles kekeke :P Nyum! Nyum!!

Practising the song at the lobby. Hardly got the tune huhu ...

The excitement in the recording studio! Just look at the girls! Hehe :P

My girls concentrating on the song ... The 1st take of the song ...

My boys and Aiman with the guitar ...

Kinah crying while I taught them to sing the slow version of the song ... Sigh~ Was I that good?? Keke :P

On a break. They're 360 degrees different when off duty!!

Right okay! She's practising here, NOT in pain or crying! She's just trying to 'feel' the groove I think ... Hehehe :P Cute eyh!

My two vain girls: Kinah and Ain hehehe. Prasan kaaan?!! :)

Aldinny (in white) giving some instructions to my kids on how to sing the song bla bla bla. We're C-R-A-P!! But we did the best we could! Well done guys!! :D

Behind the scene: Aldinny being 'honest' with us. We were BAD hihi :P Gosh! Soooo embarrasing!! Look at the boys here. Their faces show 'em all! :P Malu nyerrr!!

Ermm .. Can't figure out what they're saying here .......

The men behind the machine .. I know Razak (in blue) and Aldinny next to him. They are really helpful. Though we didn't know much, they made us feel welcome and at ease. Thanks guys! :)

It took me a while trying to figure out what this is ... Thanks Danny!! Cheh!! (Clue: look at my green scarf ...)
Akekeke :P Guess who's this!! Yup! Our HEROIN! :D We had fun amidst embarrassment hehehe :P

Me and our life saviour, Ka Anih! Thanks darl! I owe you one!! :)

PS: Ka Anih! E-mail me pictures you snapped ah :) I wanna save them too! Thank you again for your help darl! Mwahz!!! :)


ANIH said...

!st.. me apologize bribu2 kali b,coz kmi aher dtg.. mbri malu!! kna suruh 1.15pm. nah kan almost 1.45.. very sorry sis.. Tahu lah kan.. sigh~ *hard 2 xplain..

C.R.A.P haha funny banar u ani sis.. nda jua bah. A2 biasa tu.. g pun suppose yg ori composer kan yg dtg. P syukur tah with KERJASAMA SEMUA nyer evrythang b,jln lancar sis ah.. walau ada pitching & such! haha

yeah.. I understand sis. Cali jua bah ah f evrythang rushing ani.. Aku pun bauri jua bah.Its kinda big task bah, takut jua let u down!
Bek jua my nephew mau ah.. ganas sdh tu uda nya majal ah.. kkekeke!

Ermm.. kitani tunggu tah g final recording nya sis ah.. baru u & Danny dpt tidur lena tuu. Eyh ok kn me ksana ah,, scara tk rasmi ikut2 tan ani bah.. P sis.. me enjoy eh msa hri a2 bah. sumthin new ler.. wawa..

Hope evrythang berjalan dengan lancar sis.. no worries ah.. ;) kan lanja.. mna sja u sis.. kami ready bila2 masa n thanx psl u trust kami ah.. wawa.. *gabak2 tuhan sja yg tahu :P

Suzila A said...

Hi Anih!! <-- OUR SAVIOUR!! ;)

Thanks again for your help bringing Aiman to the recording studio at the last minute. Though everything went C-R-A-P, we had fun!! Hehe :P Sakai ke studio sorang2 hahaha!!

Bah, just come on the 17th. No worries tu! About belanjaing ... I will let you know k! Now my schedule is tight <-- Chewah! Prasan artis keke :P I will text you okay! :)

Thanks again Ka Anih! Mwahz!! :D

ANIH said...

You welcum bravis dalenx.... ;)

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