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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

5 Hours Sleep :-O

:-O I'm still sleepy but can't really let myself to bed. I've a meeting with the ORT Team later. Our sharing session for August's gonna start this Saturday so having got little idea about the ORT Programme, we decided to meet today, though it's a holiday :-O so sleeeeepy ......

Work was fine yesterday and I was glad my proposal for next year's reading programme is approved :) I even have the 'budget' to buy a whole set of ORT Programme for our school, yeaay!! I gotta discuss with the other teachers first though whether they like 'em or not. They are the ones gonna use 'em in the end anyway.

At 2pm, I had lunch at Desa Cafe with Sharul. I had "Prawn Lemak Chilli with rice" and "Fishball Tanghoon Soup". Sharul only had Iced Milo. The food's great! I'm definitely going back there again next time :) From there, we went to Seria (me slept all the way, tired bah!). I still needed to find a similar 'songket' for the lost 'dastar'. I met the kid who lost it 3 days ago, telling him it took me months looking for it, going highs and lows. He just changed the topic, WITHOUT APOLOGISING!! How annoying!! Kids nowadays, make us shake heads! At Seria yesterday, we did find the same songket pattern but it was PINK! Huhu :( we found another, now of similar colour and of gold threads. But we decided to have another search at Kuala Belait.

In KB, we stepped into several numbers of textile shops. We finally found 99% similar songket, only to find out that it was a ready-made 'sinjang' for KIDS! So of course, I went pissed!! By 6pm, we drove back to Seria, given up hope but to buy the one we found earlier. Knowing that the Ministry would be unhappy learning about the lost dastar, I decided to buy 3 metres of the songket, making it 3 dastars, not 1. In other words, I'm giving 2 extra dastars, as an apology. Hope they'd see how hard I'd looked for the dastar replacements ....

I got home at almost 10pm. I texted Arzi, apologizing for my late reply. He texted me at 6pm before but I was so pissed over our encounter at KB that I just couldn't be bothered to reply. I told him that I had found a similar dastar and he congratulated me. He knew I was looking so hard for it. He sent his last text saying he missed me, hehee :p Jiwang nya mamat sorang ni! ;)

I learnt how to make dastar out of the songket from a tailor working at the textile shop where I bought the songket from. So last night, I managed to finally make 5 of them, having made a failure of the first one :p Arzek and Nurul became the models where I tested the dastars ;) I went to bed roughly at 3am and woke up at after 8am this morning.

Hmm ... I do hope the Ministry would accept the ones I replaced with, or else ... We'll be blacklisted huhuhu :( [Sigh!] 5 hours sleep and in a few hours, I'll head for the meeting. HL will be with us. Gotta take cups of coffee later to keep awake huhuhu :S HL is garang! :S


MamaShasha said...

Hello dear...
glad to know that you have found the songket.It tooks months for you to find it. Anyway, what kind of kid is that...irresponsible?ishh

Anonymous said...

hahahahah semacam muanya cnuwol ah:P

Suzila A said...

Yea! Really made my day eh that kid!!! I plan to return all the costumes tomorrow afternoon. I'm nervous though huhu :S They're sure gonna kill me!! Adoy!!

Hahaha! Awu! Yatah my 'model' tu semalam. Andang selahau jua! She volunteered really ekeke. Siap buat rambut cematu lagi! Konon pendekar zaman dulu! Pendekar Mustar daaa! Hehehe :p

Anonymous said...

GEE!! mana kita puchong tuuuuuuuu mempost gambar ku ah!!!! wAAAAAAAAA mALUUUU...I want to die Already!!! can??

Suzila A said...

Wahahaha!!! :p Kau jua mauuuu!! Ekekeke :p

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