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Saturday, 26 July 2008


First, I managed preparing a proposal for a project for 2009. I do hope it will be approved. Secondly, I went to visit a colleague's wife at the hospital with Johnny. She had been having difficulty in delivering the baby for the past 3 days :( We're relieved when we got to the ward, she had just given birth to a baby girl. We also had a look at the 'active' baby hehe. She's 3.2 kg and so clever! Just an hour old, she managed to suck her thumb by moving her head away from the plastic covering. She's being under doctor's supervision. We hope she'll be fine :)

We went to the first floor visiting Suria. That girl didn't even tell me and Johnny that she had her arm operation this morning. I found out from Johnny who had learnt about it from Mas. We were like ....... Suriaaaaa!!! :@ When we entered the ward, she was lying, surprised seeing us approaching her bed. We mengamok la of course! She said she didn't want to worry anyone! Well, one, she's a friend. A close one. Of course we should be worried!! Two, professionally, I am her Head of Department. I should know about it, cheh!! But she is fine otherwise and that is the most important thing :) So, she's forgiven hehe. She'll be on leave for two weeks. Lulu's definitely gonne kill her when she reports back to work ekekeke :p

From the hospital, I drove to the ministry to attend a meeting on the programme that I am in-charge of in the month of August. I met Irman and Raheemah at the meeting. Missed them so! The Director of Schools dropped by and had a quick chat with us. She's a nice lady. The team's gonna make sure the programme's going on well ma'am! You can count on us ;)

Arzi texted me, booking me to watch Tanglong Festival in Bandar tonight. Honestly, I wanted to see it but deep inside I wanted to go with my family or better yet, with Sharul. He didn't text me at all!! When I got home, I asked everyone whether they'd like to go but nobody was interested :( Even Sharul did not text me up!! So I agreed to meet Arzi, not to see the Tanglong (it wouldn't be nice, I felt so) but to have a drink instead. So we promised to meet at 8pm.

Then came Boy, my brother. 3 days ago he asked me whether I'd like accompany him to KL to buy stuff for his wedding. I was like .... Wedding?? He didn't even sit down and discuss it with my parents! That's the difference between us girls and men huh! They don't discuss. They instruct.

There happens to be a travel fair at the moment so he and Diana, the girlfriend, went to look for a package to KL. Gosh! It's so expensive for a 3-night stay there. So , I helped them out with the online tickets and accomodations. I'd to cancel my date with Arzi. He understood and helped me with the tips for cheap hotels in KL. Thanks dear ;)

So, it's set now! We'll be in KL from 21st to 24th March next year and we'll be staying at Coronade Hotel. The shopping malls nearby are just perfect for the couple :) When I checked my phone, Sharul did text me, asking me out tonight but it was too late then :(

Now, I gotta re-confirm my flights to Johor and Bangkok. The air fare to Chiangmai is B$402, which is waaaaaaay cheaper than the online ticket but I'm going to Bangkok, NOT Chiangmai. Thanks Diana for finding it out for me :) I will be meeting Danny at 8am tomorrow to solve this problem then I will proceed to The Mall to survey on the tickets to Bangkok for me and Irman. Hopefully it's cheaper than the online's, which is B$677 at the moment :(

Oh by the way, Zean and Yanti are coming with us to KL yeayy!!! :D I'm gonna drag my elder sister along too! It's gonna be a lot of fun!! :)

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