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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Oh My Brothers :)

Last Thursday, I arrived home seeing my family in the living room area. Chit-chatting for a while, came in Zainul, my younger brother, rushing in taking his uniform out. He got to attend the 'santap malam' or dinner banquet at the Istana Nurul Iman upon invitation from His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei to commemorate His Majesty's 62nd birthday.

Zainul is my seventh sibling. He has just graduated from a Navy School in Portsmouth, U.K. so this would be his first time at the ceremony :) He looked stunning with his white navy uniform. He was late for the ceremony that I couldn't get the time to take my camera but my phone. So I just took his picture with it :)

~~~ The boys getting ready to dinner banquet. They all looked very neat in their uniform :) ~~~

The day before, my other younger brother, Saifuddien (I nick named him Puchen :p), had just got his letter of admission to UBD. He'll be attending his orientation this coming August and he's taking BA Programme for 4 years. He's a quiet type and the most determined child in the family :) He's got his own daily timetable, which he follows so strictly! It is fruitful now that he's accepted to UBD :)

Puchen is very much different from my youngest brother, Azri (whom I nick named Arzek :p). He's now in PTE taking his A'Level but it's so irritating to even ask him to open his books to study! A really lazy one! Just like his eldest brother, Boy, the one after me. Puchen is like Bahri ~ very hard-working and determined :)

Yesterday, mum took Puchen out to shop, buying long-sleeved shirts, stationeries, etc, etc, etc. He came back with a wide smile on his face! Then he asked for the laptop that I promised him, erk! I did promise him to buy one if he got accepted to UBD. So I told him I'd do so in December ~ after bonus! :p I am broke this time really! :S

~~~ Our UBD graduate-to-be brother, excited with his full bags of shirts and stationeries! Next to him is Arzek, jealous over his brother's stuff. So Nurul teased him by urging him to study harder. Guess what his reply was ...
"Haa! If I study, I wouldn't need these coz I am going to get my scholarship and study in U.K.!!"
We all were like .... "Huh!! You're lazy and still dreaming to go to U.K.! LOL!!"

PS: My two younger sisters, Lija and Nurul, will be graduating soon this coming October :) Now, they're busy preparing applications to further their studies to Masters Degree. I hope they'll get it :) InsyaAllah, I'll do mine soon too ;) ~~ Alhamdulillah ya Allah with all the blessings you've given us :) ~~~


MamaShasha said...

Wah, semua ur family ani successful dalam pelajaran. I know, you are proud of them, don't you. Well, even myself, I proud of my sister and brother.I wish I could do my degree soon jua.hehe..

Suzila A said...

:) Yup! Why not! Maybe one day UBD will offer a Degree Course in Music or Voice Art, you never know! ;) Then your dream will come true! In fact, TWO dreams will come true, am I right?? ;)

Princess Gizmo said...

Alhamdulillah..So lucky to have this kind of family. Hehe in my family only my 2 younger sisters who managed to pursue their further studies overseas unlike their older siblings! Which means my oldest brother, my older sister & me!! Hahaha.. We had the chance but *ehem* hehehe 'Sakit M' didulur jua hehe.. NanT insyallah i'll try to con't my study jua. So mamashasha if ada rezeki dapat bebaya masuk UBD kah baik jua hehe..Suzi esuk ah jgn lupa date tani lagi. ;)

Suzila A said...

Okey dokey!! Can't wait to meet you girls tomorrow! :D Mamashasha! Bring Shasha ah! You guys paly bowling, I play with her heheehe :) Miss that kid so much!!! Isk! Isk!

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