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Thursday, 24 July 2008

I Want To Believe

Sounds familiar?? Yup! I went to see it just now! It was so funny when I realised that I DIDN'T HAVE my regular afternoon meetings in my schedule that I said out loud "Yey! I'm FREE today!!!" :D My colleagues were laughing and Razak handed out today's newspaper a moment after I said my thought out loud "I'm soooo gonna watch movie today!" Heheee ... Thanks dude! ;)

So yea! I texted Sharul to book tickets for two for the 1.30pm show today. At 1.15pm, he drove us to Qlap Mall and we watched "The X-Files" ~ I Want To Believe. Gosh! I love that movie! I mean, I watched every single episode of it when I was in high school! Me and sister were so crazy about it, thinking that there WERE really unsolved mystery cases out there .... (... the X-Files background music ...) :p

Now, this might freak you guys out but really! I was so excited watching it that I couldn't stop myself taking a few snaps of the movie ekekeke! Sharul glanced at me with an eyebrow raised. He was like .... is she alright?? Hehehe! Well, enjoy the pix people!! :D

Agent Scully. Owh, correction! Doctor Scully! ;)

Fox Mulder: messy and in denial ...

Back in the team :)

Cleaner and Sexier!!! Grrr! ;)


Princess Gizmo said...

Adeh ia tah dulu mliat nah!! Ish2 kalau aku duduk sabalah mu abis ku confiscated ur hp!! Hahahaha... :p maybe next wk i'll watch it ;)

Suzila A said...

Ekeke :p Couldn't help it! Am still crazy bout the movie eheee! Won't share it with you. Wait till you watch it!! ;) Enjoy!

MamaShasha said... too, I want to watch it jua.aku lagi ketinggalan..ceta batman alum ku liat ah...ish..lapas exam lah..hehe

Suzila A said...

I haven't watched Batman too! Ish! Nanti tah :)

Anonymous said...

aaa..The X-FIles...
my fav TV series..emm i think everybody loved it during those days...hehe..
but haven't watch it yet..


Suzila A said...

Hey Izz! Yea! It was nice back then ya :) We waited for the series playing on Malaysian TV2 (I think).

You should watch the movie darl! It's very very nice!! :D

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