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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Relieved ... Not Relieved ...

Sheesh! It's that darn dastar episode again! I finally returned all the stuff we borrowed this afternoon. The lady we worked things out before wasn't around so her assistant (or whoever) checked the stuff for us. She didn't realise the 'different' dastar at first and went straight to seek her chief's initial for approval.

Being honest, which me and my colleagues should be, we told her what happened with the lost dastar and the replacements. She was surprised, half scolding, half blaming me for not informing her before hand, now that her officer had signed the form. Okay, my mistake. So then, she called the chief to talk to us. So, I explained the situation again, A-Z.

Me: So, here's the replacements for the missing dastar. Our student lost one and I couldn't find the exact pattern and colour of the dastar we borrowed. Here's 3 new dastars that I could find.
C: You lost one, but replaced with 3.
Me: Yes.
C: This is bribery!!
Me: Oh no! We didn't mean to ...
C: So why are you giving us 3 dastars? You should just give us 1 and take the 2 for your school to use in future.
Me: Oh no, we believe we should pay for the loss. At least, with 3 dastars it'll be a new set instead of having just 1 different dastar from the rest you have here.
C: You don't understand. We have serial codes for all items. These, we can't record in ...
Me: Alright, now we understand ... But we are really sorry for the loss and I insist that you keep the 3 dastars we give you here. You have no idea how hard it was for me to look for the same patterns of songket. These are just the closest and most similar to yours. We're really sorry.
C: *quiet*

Sigh! Darn it! I knew I'd be in trouble, I could feel it! They're gonna contact me soon after they've talked to their higher-ranked officer. Guys! I am sooooo in trouble! A million thanks to that b****y kid!!! Grrr!!! :@

PS: I went to watch Branden Frasier-Jet Li's "The Mummy 3". What happened this afternoon really spoiled my day, and the movie! Besides, I wasn't happy knowing Evy, Rick's wife, was played by someone else ~ and she's not even cute!! Errrgh!!

*Breathe in .... Breathe out*


rohaiza said...

Exactly! rachel weisz was far more better and far more gorgeous lol.

Suzila A said...

Yup! Yup! Good to know u someone agrees with me!!

Gosh! That girl is soooo NOT cute! She's just .... NOT O'Connell! :p Rachel Weisz is much much better!!

Anonymous said...

i agree wt u guys..
X Best!! :(...;P


Suzila A said...

Just watched Indon Channel. Got this LUX advert. Rachel Weisz's the model!! Man!! She's ADORABLE!! Macam anak patung laaaa :p

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