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Tuesday, 15 July 2008

A Day Well Spent

First of all, we wish His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah a very happy 62nd birthday. We wish him well and may Allah bless him and give him health always, Ameeen. We love you Your Majesty! Long live the Sultan of Brunei!!! :D

So yeah, today's an off day for us Bruneians. I stayed home the whole morning then my next door sister nudged me through MSN, asking about my plans for December. The rest of the day we were checking online tickets for our trips to Pulau Tioman and from Johor Bharu to Bangkok. It's gonna be a lengthy (and hopefully fun) trip for us.

The plan is we're departing from Brunei to Johor Bharu on 14th December and on the 18th, departing Johor Bharu to Bangkok. We'll be leaving Bangkok on 22nd and will be leaving for Brunei on 24th. Hope it'll go on as planned. We're thinking of bringing our little brothers Puchen and Arzek, which means extra expenses on our side :S Well, we'll see lah! ;)

By 3pm, I was ready to go out. I had my late lunch at Charcoal, having Fusili Pesto with Lamb toppings and Root Beer (my usual orders). Sharul had Mashed Potato and Garlic Bread. He had warm water with it. After that, we went to the nearby Soon Lee Megamart. We were stunned knowing the third floor is now closed and how small the supermarket on the basement floor is now. It made me wonder, was the floor shrunk or have I gone bigger?? :S

From Soon Lee, we went to the Empire Hotel and Country Club. I remember Johnny told me that there's an Art Exhibition at the basement area of the lobby. It's the reason why I went out in the first place, wanting to see how the display is like. Oh, it's an Art Calligraphy actually. The pieces are painted by a Japanese artist, Fuyoh Kobayashi.

At first, I had no idea what every piece was all about. All I witnessed were paintings of black and purple brushed colours smudging on pieces of paper. But then, I was so interested to know what's behind every piece, especially when I saw one framed painting of the map of Brunei with some sort of Chinese scripts next to it.
So, I called one of the many Kimono ladies at the area, asking her what the piece was conveying. From there, I started to understand what's behind every painting that's being displayed. She explained that, the artist used Chinese inscriptions which carry different meanings and from there, she drew her brush with paint, creating some sort of pictures (from her mind and soul) while at the same time maintaining the scripts intact on the paper. We went from one painting to another. I was amazed when I could interpret some of them, though not knowing what the inscriptions shown meant. She looked impressed too :D I'm good, ain't I! Heehehe :p I took some snaps of the paintings. Have a look and feel it ;)


~~ Me being briefed on "The Tale of Genji". Turns out to be, the gold inscription shows "Genji", a handsome and powerful man, surrounded with the words of "woman" all around it. So this painting is telling a tale of this man :) I predicted it right, especially the use of gold in the word "Genji" ;)

+++++++++++ Other paintings that I like +++++++++++

"Rain at Night" and "Life"

"Painted Fan" and "Brunei Map+Poems"


After viewing the exhibition, we went out to the beach to see the beautiful sunset. It was just before 6pm so we took the chance to see the sun to set. Tourists were everywhere and not few people had their cameras with them. The Empire Hotel does have its attractions; the tough beautiful designed buildings, not to mention the man-made pools. It's so strategic for viewing the breath-taking sunset. I adore nature's beauty and sunset is definitely one of them! Enjoy the pictures! :)

~~~~ The entrance of the exhibition, beautifully arranged by the Japanese crew. All are natural and they smell really good. ~~~


Anonymous said...

i always love the sunset views...nice..;D
wahh..vacation ;D

opsss,today is my birthday, can announce it yaa...hehehee.. (tak malu yaaa?..hehe...)

bout d mines wonderland..i'm not sure how the whole place looks like these days..hehe...don blame me yaa if later u found out it's not interesting..hehe.. ;P


Suzila A said...

Waaaa! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! :D May you have a blast!!! :p

Izz! You sound like Chinese la. Are you? :p And are you a SHE or a HE? Bruneian? Malaysian? Hey! Let me see your blog la! I cannot trace you huhuhu :S

Well, it's very nice knowing you :) Dismantleddoll just updated her blog yesterday. Was wondering why she didn't update for so long. Now I know why :D

Anonymous said...

hehe..thanx 4 da wish... ;D
nope..i'm malay..malaysian.. one sweet girl (haha...not so sweet la..can be sour a bit..hehe..)

emm my blog, 90% in malay i said before, not interesting like yours, doll or d others..hehe... i think people will laugh la when read it (what the crap i wrote there..hehe.. ;P )

nice knowing u too.. ;D


Suzila A said...

:) okey dokey! Glad you like my page my friend :) Enjoy reading ya :)

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