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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Roll Roll Roll Your Ball !!!

It's not just any ball! It's bowling! What's more exciting is, I went out with my two bestest buddies! I am not even good at bowling but hey! You've gotta try anyhow ;) Mamashasha and company arrived at Jollibee first then Sharul and I came next. Maya and her gang came last. We all had our heavy breakfast before hitting the lanes :p

Well, it started off with a big hug from Shasha :D She even clapped her hands with the sight of me at the Jollibee entrance door :) That kid is really awesome!! I kiss-kissed her mum after that, telling her I love her daughter more than herself ekekeke :p

It was a great time spent with the guys. I couldn't play that well but Mamashasha and her other half were great! Well, at least I was better than Sharul! I scored 58 points while he scored 55 ;) Of course the rest were better than us ekekeke. Maluyeeee! :p Enjoy the pictures people! :)

~~ A "Big Hug" from Shasha! I miss this kid already!!! ~~

~~ Me and my best buddies! ;) Love you gals! ~~

~~ A group photo before parting. We had a blast!!! ~~


Princess Gizmo said...

Roll roll our ball!! Next time shake shake our booty!! Uwahhahaha...

Suzila A said...

Hehehe :p Sounds sexy enough for me!

MamaShasha said...

haha..i wanna join eh..

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