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Monday, 28 July 2008

Konichiwa! Arigato! Aishiteru! ;)

Konichiwa! Arigato! Aishiteru!

Those are the three phrases that I learnt today. There were a lot more but I can't really remember hehhe.

At 2.15pm , I reached the Ministry for an interview session for students' exchange programme to Japan end of the year. The selected ones will fly off to Japan on 30th November and return to Brunei on 7th December, the SAME dates of our Brunei-Singapore Camp. Danny and I are so hoping we could go to Japan with the kids but we have commitments here. Our chief said that our turn will come, we just have to wait :)

I had a good time during the interview. Most of the students were fluent and socially active in school. They also have talents in playing musical instruments, singing and dancing. We were very impressed with this one female candidate who can speak Japanese. The interviewee from the Japanese Embassy was impressed too. The candidate learnt Japanese in her school CCA Club and from the anime she watches. I bet she'd get selected :D

The session was so enjoyable! We had quite a number of funny responses from the candidates. Here are a few hehehe:

Officer 1: So, do you have health problem?
Student A: No.
Me: Are you allergic to anything?
Student A: No.
Danny: Seafood? Meat?
Student A: No.
Officer 1: Allergic to animals?
Student A: No.
Officer 1: Like cats?
Student A: No.
Officer 2: Dinosour?
Student A: *blank*
Interviewees (except Officer 2): Laughed LOL!!!


Danny: Ok. If you were selected, what are the 3 things you will need to bring?
Student B: One, toothbrush.
Interviewees: Toothbrush??!!
Student B: Yes.
Danny: Hmmm ... Ok, what else?
Student B: A big pile of clothes.
Danny: Ok, what else?
Student B: Logbook.
Me: Right. Are you sure that's all you need?
Student B: Yes.
Danny: Ok, ok. Imagine you were selected, what do you need to show officers at the Airport?
Student B: *Blank*
Me: (Held a pen) Would you show your toothbrush to them?
Student B: *Blushed* No. I'd show them my passport.
Interviewees: *Laughed*
Student B: But, but! For me toothbrush is very very important!! (Still blushing).
Me: You can buy one in Japan dear ;p
Student B: *Blush*


Officer 1: So, do you have any health problem?
Student C: No. I am perfectly healthy.
Me: Say, if I asked you to run for 4km, would you still be fine?
Student C: Yes. But I will feel tired.
Me and Danny: *Raised an eyebrow* (Doh!!)


Officer 1: Now, you told us you're very active. Do you have any health problem?
Student D: No. I don't have any health problem.
Officer 1: Do you have allergies to anything?
Student D: Hmm ... No.
Me: Are you sure? You're not allergic to seafood?
Officer 2: Or meat?
Danny: Anything?
Student D: Hmm ... No. But I'm allergic to dust.
Me: *Abrupt response* Dust??! Everyone is allergic to dust dear ...
Officer 2: So what will happen to you if you inhale dust?
Me: Do you get asthmatic from it?
Student D: No.
Danny: Then?
Student D: I sneeze.
Interviewees: LOL!! (Doh!!!)


By 4.30pm, Danny and I left the Ministry. We had to send an email to an officer in Singapore concerning our December Camp. When we got ourselves comfortable in a restaurant, we forgot about everything that we we just sat down and enjoyed our afternoon tea with beef and chicken "satay" and "ketupat". We knew we had to do something but we had forgotten what it was. When the Camp topic came up, we then jumped off remembering to send the mail!! OMG! We have so many things to do that we forget things so easily. Seems like our brain is saturated with all the info it receives each day [sigh!].

Before parted, we went into a DVD shop. I bought 2 DVD series, "Traveler". I think it's a new series and it seems interesting. The DVD costs $4 each but we could get it for $10 if we bought 3 DVDs. I couldn't find anymore DVD, same with Danny. He only wanted to buy 2 DVDs. So, he took the 4 DVDs to the counter, paid them for $14, instead of $16. Returning back $7 to me, I said, "Nice doing business with ya!" Danny's eyes widened, telling me as we left the shop, "I was just about to say that to you!" :)

"We're soulmate," I told him.
"Haha, I guess so!" :p


Anonymous said...

hahaha..i can see u really enjoyed d interview session laaa...hehehe.. ;P
(japanese language was 1 of my 'scorer' subject during university days..hehe..but now.. hemmm forgot already la..hehe..)

i watched The X-Files last weekend..Luv it!!! :-)
1 point dat i like..even u keep saying No, No, No..but at last actually deep inside u're saying Yes, Yes, Yes..hemmm..really touched..


Suzila A said...

Konichiwa my friend!! :D Yea, very funny haaa! Hehhee :p Officer 2 is a tease u know! In previous session, this kid was telling them that he wanted to join Kendo Club (a Japanese martial arts) but he got rejected. This Officer 2 said to the kid, "If they rejected u, u KENDO them laa!!" Wahaha! Crazy kan!! Imagine how me & Danny survived working under him hihihi :p

Yeaa, told ya it's nice!! X-Files is really cool! Sharul & I were surprised though seeing Mulder & Scully in the same bed ekekkee :p Too old to remember what happened in the last episode erk! :p

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