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Thursday, 17 July 2008

If only ...

If only I have the say, I'd express what I feel inside cause I know, if I COULD do just that, I wouldn't sink into piles of work on my desk now. What'd I say? One word. STOP.

STOP passing those papers to me.
STOP sending those faxes.
STOP ordering for those unlimited meetings.
STOP expecting nods from me.
Sigh! If only I have the say ...

If only I have the guts, I'd do many things that the heart sings cause I know, if I HAD it, I wouldn't be sitting in my chair cleaning others' s**t. What'd I do? One word. FAREWELL.

FAREWELL workloads!
FAREWELL stamps!
FAREWELL bonus?? (erk!)
Sigh! If only I have the guts ...

If only I have the power, I'd have the longest rest anyone ever wished for cause I know, if I OWNED it, I wouldn't be having sleepless nights facing my computer typing those thick reports. What'd I do? One word. GO.

GO to have it my way, ALL the way!
GO and ignore those mountainous files!
GO to have my own house despite mum's swearing!
GO and fly to .... everywhere!!!
Sigh! If only I have the power ...

If only ...................

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Loves a challenge (100%)

EXTREMELY impatient (well, I hate waiting. Does that count??)

Sometimes selfish (am I??)

Short fuse; easily angered (hell yeah!)

Lively, passionate and sharp wit (hmm ... No comment!)

Outgoing (for sure!)

Lose interest quickly - easily bored (most of the time)

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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