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Monday, 28 July 2008


It was well paid off! I went to d'Other Office Restaurant in Serusup to meet Danny yesterday morning. I needed his help on finding cheap airfare to KL. Boy and Diana had just told me their decision to go to KL buying their wedding gifts the night before. Thanks to Danny for his help, though I'd to drag him away from his extra work that day (it was Sunday and yes, he also had work to do even in weekends. He's a workaholic!!). In return, I treated him breakfast. He had "Mee Rebus", I had "Lontong". We then dragged on looking for airfares online for our December vacations :)

By 11am, we finally decided to go to Phuket instead of Tioman Island. Apparently he was worried of the thought of me staying overnight in Johor waiting for the next flight to Bangkok while he flies off back to Brunei. Awwwe! He loves me!! Hehe :) Don't misunderstood us. We're just friends. Close friends ;)

So, here's the plan:

15/12 - Brunei --> Miri --> KL --> Phuket [vacation here till 18/12]

18/12 - Phuket --> Bangkok [vacation (& shopping) here till 24/12]

24/12 - Bangkok --> KL --> Miri --> Brunei

Looks like I'm on the move there huh! Well, I'm loving it so far!!

By 11am, we left to The Mall to the Abacus Fare. This is when most Bruneians buy cheap tickets to almost everywhere around the world. I needed to look for the Bangkok ticket price for Irman. He would be leaving to Bangkok from Brunei so he needs the Brunei Airlines fare ticket. As for mine and Danny's, we're buying the Air Asia's. Saving budgets really ;) So far, he's bringing his nephew, Akif, while my elder sister, Zima, and younger brother, Bahri, will be joining me. So, there'll be 5 of us going to Thailand this December, yeahooo!! :D

By almost 1pm, we left The Mall and went our separate ways. I headed to Yanti's place, helping out with decorating her brother's wedding 'hantarans' (gifts for the bride). I didn't do much as they had started decorating since morning. By 3pm, I left and met Sharul. He helped me to find a tailor for my 'kebaya' for Nana's wedding this Sunday. While browsing through the 'bajus' at the boutique, I saw this cool deco for the 'bajus'. We found out that it was sold in Hokko in Mabohai. So, off we went there to buy 4 meters of it, which cost me $3 per metre. Not bad. Personally, I have something against the cloth for 'bajus' to be made 'holes' as a deco. First, it's expensive. Secondly, sayang kain laaaa! :p

Oh yea, before going to Hokko, Sharul carried Daniel out to the boutique. Daniel is his cousin's son. My God!! He's sooooo big and fat for a year old!! Sharul told me he eats almost everything, you mention it! I was like, OMG!! Ironically, this toddler's mum is a nurse, Gosh! Daniel's adorable :) Sharul was jealous when Daniel was comfortable with me in just a few minutes while usually he doesn't like strangers ehhehehe :p Apalaaa! Dengan kanak-kanak pun jeless ka ekekkee ...

~~ He's chubby, ain't he!! Kamvang ehhh arah auntie!! Hehehe :p ~~

From the boutique, I went home straight. The time showed almost 5pm. Diana and I went online to buy the Mas Airlines air tickets to KL this March but she then realised she forgot to bring her passport so off she went to get it. While waiting for her to come back, I booked 3 tickets for myself, Zean and Jimah for B$190 (only!!) per person. The B$190 price is for the tax and we get the air fare for free. It's a promo from 14th to 27th July, which was yesterday. Phew, we were lucky!

Well, not so lucky enough for Boy, Diana, Puchen and Ernie. Just after I logged off the page, they got the price rose up to B$268 per person!! Just before that, it was B$229, which made Zima to think twice to buy it. When she found out it had risen to B$268, she was so pissed that she cancelled the trip. Then, Diana went online again, to find the price fell to B$229!! Now, Diana was pissed and Zima jumped like hell! And sure, she bought the B$229 ticket straight away hehe. She bought one for Bahri too. Her friend, Ernie, bought the ticket for B$268, seconds after Zima logged off. Now, Diana felt much better hehhehee :)

I dined out after everyone had got the tickets online. Hahaha! Before leaving, Diana thanked me, saying, "Thanks for making it happens. And thanks 4268." I was like ... What's 4268??" She hesitated and finally said, "Thanks FOR 268, the ticket ..." Hahaha! Then I got it!!! "Whoopss!!" :p But yeahooo I am going to KL this March!!! :D

I reached Aranda Cafe at d'Angrek Hotel at 8pm. I was supposed to meet Arzi. I had cancelled our date the night before and yesterday afternoon he asked me out again. So yeah, I went to see him there. I had my dinner without him as I was too hungry :p By 8.30pm, he came. We had a quick chit chat as it was already late. By 9.30pm, we went downstairs, me wanting to go home. It was a downpour outside that we waited for it to calm at the lobby area. We chatted for a few more minutes then went to my car. It was yet another 30 minutes talk. We had't met for quite a while so it was a catching up indeed :) By 10.30pm, we parted. I got home just before 11pm.

Before bed, Arzi sent me dozens of messages. Hahaha, jiwang tia lapas jumpa ekekkee. Well, I had a good time though :) In fact, I had a good time the whole day yesterday!!! :D

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