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Friday, 18 July 2008

Waaah!!! :D

Heee! :D My markings are finally done, officially ranked and analyzed! I was so exhausted that every move that I made gave clicking sounds! My bones seemed to be complaining over me spending so much time sitting on my butt and continuously ticking and crossing students' work on the exam paper. Even now they're giving 'hints' saying "Stop moving will ya!" ekekeke :p Ok guys, will do soon! Gotta share someting with people out there hehe :p

I was so scared counting my students' marks and converting them into percentage was such a torture! So, I asked my little brother to do the calculations for me ~ don't worry! He's an 'A' Maths student ;) When he was finally done, I was so relieved seeing most of the blue numbers! Waaah!!! :D Even my very weak ones have performed better this time. I am soooooo glad!!! :D

By almost 5pm today, I got ready to go out with BLA+1. I was tired actually after marking for hours from morning till afternoon. In fact, I woke up early, before 7am! Sheesh!! I still needed that sleep but my eyes just didn't bother to shut longer! Having planned to finish marking the papers, I had heavy breakfast at Brunei Chicken Rice with Sharul. Later on, I was waiting in the car while he had his morning jogs. I reached home and started marking by 10am. Waaah! So I spent the time marking for 7 hours today!!! Sheeesh!!! I was so tired that when I washed my face before going out tonight that I crept a smile on my face, realising that I have done the marking!!! Yeaaa!!! I said to myself ~ I'm sooooo gonna have fun tonight!!

And yes I did!!! :D 'Ain treated us dinner at Capers ~ Gosh! I forgot where it was and since I was so busy, I couldn't be bothered to think where it's located! Thanks Lulu for picking me up hehe :p All of us had pasta (can't remember what I ordered :S). 'Ain came with his hubby and brother. She was wearing red but that did not cover up the 'bump' in her tummy :) She's now 5 months pregnant! Waaah!!! We're so happy for her! :)

Just before we left, after watching their wedding photos on the laptop and having the cake, we were prepared to leave when a kid screamed "Look! There!!!" So, all of us looked outside the glass wall facing Qlap roads. Waaah!!! The fireworks were popping like rain in the dark sky!! The next 20 minutes, we were echoing every pop with "Uuuuuh!!" and "Waaaaah!!!" :p Just a perfect dine out! :) Too bad my camera's out of battery or else, I'd snap a video of it! I did take a few photos but having a low battery, the pictures turned blurry waaaaaaaaah!!!

We left Capers just after 9pm and we were stuck in road jam! Despite that, we took the chance to pass by the Istana. The girls hadn't seen the 'raindrops' neons so Lulu drove us there! She, Leng and Kiem went "Waaaaah!!" seeing the blue falling lights heheee :D

It was indeed a nice dined out!! Waaaah!!! :D

PS: Will post the pictures soon! :)

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