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Friday, 1 August 2008

Thanks ScrapperMaya! :D

Hey darl! I love the scrapbook you made :) Mamashasha, we SHOULD have one too! :p

So guys, as what Maya said, feast your eyes with her creativity here ;) Ain't she great!!!

PS: Hmmm ... ScrapperMaya is good in book scrapping. Mamashasha is good in music. Hmmm ... What am I good at guys?? Erk! :S



Princess Gizmo said...

Tq my dearest fren :) u made my day by putting my art in ur blog.. Ilang tarus sakit kepala ku hehe.. Mwaaaaaah!!!! Ntah bila lagi tani date ani.. Maybe girls day out ja kali ani eh hehehe.. Hmm.. threesome!! Uwahahaha..

Princess Gizmo said...

Oh i forgot! U are a very good friend! That's what ur good at!! ;)

MamaShasha said...

hello girls...girls day out? boleh ehm gtau saja bila k. hehe...kalau time hari sekolah or cuti tu? hehe...

Suzi, you are good in ...please people.hehe...

Suzila A said...

Hehehe :D Awwwe! U gals are awesome! I had a bad day and ur comments here drew a wide smile on my face ~ wider than the joker's smile ekekeke :p

Ok, before Puasa we meet la ;) Hi-tea :D Gonna put up my August's schedule soon so u guys can choose when we can have our threesome date ;)

Mmmmmwaaaahz!!! :x

MamaShasha said...

Hi-tea?sounds ok to me dear. I think, this time I want to be in a better place lah. Seasons? RBC? hehe...or tempat murah aja? hehe

Suzila A said...

Okey! Seasons? Emperor's Court?? ;)

Kadai kaling pun okey toh! :p

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