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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

If People Could Be More Considerate!!

I was dozing off for a short afternoon nap in our family room when Haris, my cousin, came in to see Zainul. I was starting to continue napping when Haris barged into the room again, calling whoever in sight (apparently not me cause he knew I was sleeping). I could only hear chants with my eyes closed but as mum screamed, and with a peek, seeing her run out of the house, panicking, I started doing the same! Mengigau lah kan ..

"Fire!" Haris screamed. I was like, "Fire?" But then, I sped upfront where everyone had gathered. There, I saw fire ... yes, FIRE, rapidly eating up our coconut leaves just near the side street. Azri was ready with the hose, splashing the flame with water while Zainul tried to save our half-burnt garbage bin.

Alhamdulillah, nothing bad happened. Luckily Haris came to our house today or else, none of us would realise the spreading blaze. Haris dropped by just for a few minutes and while about to driving out to the front porch, he spotted the fire. This means that, the fire was just started when he was just leaving our house.

Whatever or whoever had caused the fire, please please please be more alert next time! Alhamdulillah Haris saw the fire and nobody was hurt. We thought it was caused by passersby who had thrown his/her partly finished cigarette to our garbage area.

If only people could be more considerate and know how dangerous it is to do such thing! Ish!!! Inda ku temarah!!! Bangang ku perangai urang luan inda peduli kan hal lain ani! Baik jua kami inda papa ...

Alhamdulillah ya Allah ...


Anonymous said...

phewww... Alhamdulillah...
hope it won't happen again yaaa..
take care yaaa...:)


Suzila A said...

Yea. Alhamdulillah but don't dare to think of what would happen if my cousin didn't drop by that day. Geram hati la when thinking of those irresponsible people! Grrrrr!!!! :@

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