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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Sigh ~~

Yesterday was exhausting! I got two last-minute assignments to do: one to be submitted tomorrow, another this Thursday. The annoying part was, the 2nd one was given to me after some discussion about it. So it went:

She: So, who do you think should be the mentor for Jeffery?
Me: Hmm ... Louie!
She: Louie?? (Sounded disagreed)
Me: Yes. Louie! She's been teaching for almost 6 years now. I think she's ok.
She: *silent*

Then, I left for class. When I came back to my table, there's a form, with my name and Jeffery's on it. Couldn't believe she MADE me THE mentor!! I was like .... hmmm *tapping fingers*

The first assignment was on my table yesterday morning too, written: "For your action please." I got no problem with it but having less cooperation from some people, it's really hard to do the final report. I hope they'll hand me their reports before the deadline time tomorrow (yes ... the admin wants it by 12.30pm, grrrr! I mean, doesn't office hour end at 4pm???).

Annoyed, I took the time off ... erm ... reading. Something I don't usually do when am upset. It's a set of books a teacher requested me to order for our upper sec students. So in a way, I was reading and checking the content of the books. Personally, I like the story lines. Each book is very much related to the kids. But I have one problem with them: the tense usage. The stories were written in present instead of past tense. Grammatically, stories should only be written in past tenses whilst dialogues in present, depending on context. I don't want the kids to get confused with the tense usage in their writing (and speaking).

Then again, the books have pictures that show actions. In a way, the writer wrote the story using present tense to describe the actions shown on the pictures. That, is correct in a way BUT then again, I still think our students WILL get confused with the tense usage.

I remember one day when I lent my student a book to read. I didn't check the content thoroughly till he came to show me the book. He questioned me why the book was written in present tense when I kept telling them to use past tense when telling a story. All I could say was, "Owh! That's wrong! It SHOULD be in past tense ..." and he continued reading, having a smirk look on his face. Hmmph! You see! It's a trouble there.

Well anyway, I DID read the set of books, 5 altogether, in an hour. I liked the stories but I won't purchase it for sure ...

Today, the ORT Talk was held in SR Sengkarai. The bus ride was bumpy and a headache! What's worse, Irman, Raheemah, Suhaif and Salwa couldn't make it so it left me, Didi and HL to do their parts. Gosh! It was chaotic and exhausting! We missed some points and presented all too fast huhu :( We just hoped that the participants grabbed what we had delivered ...

The way home to Bandar was even worse than when we rode to Tutong. The bus even gave that beeping sound a number of times signaling the over-limit 'speeding'. My head went dizzy all the way! Besides, I hadn't had my lunch so it was just a vomiting-feeling journey huhu :(

I had my late lunch a.k.a. dinner at Desa Cafe. I had a few sticks of beef and chicken 'satays', 'ketupats' and fish ball tanghoon soup. I had ginger tea with it.

These two days were really exhaustive! I don't think I could handle anymore pressure at work tomorrow ...

PS: I can't wait to spend some time with Shasha tomorrow afternoon. I plan to pay Mamashasha a visit at her place after my SCOPE course tomorrow at after 4pm.

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