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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Feel Me ...?

"I love you"
A phrase I yearn to say
Though feel you deep in here
Can’t show you how much I care

"I love you"
Must I say it?
Can’t barely hold it here
When you’re just not near

"I love you"
The phrase I just can’t say
This feeling I shall bear
Will this heartbreak forever stay??

"I love you"
The phrase they always say
The feeling they happily share
A joy, for me, that’s far away

"I love you"
Baby, I am not that strong ...
When will I belong?
Why is loving you be so wrong?

"I love you"
For me he forever adores
In him he keeps me close
Letting go, will never soar

"I love you"
The phrase I yearn to say
To him who makes me sway
My heart's his, I shall swear

… I Love You …


MamaShasha said...

About this poem, I can feel how deep is the meaning of each sentence you made. So so deeply...simple BUT meaningful.hehe

Suzila A said...

Hmmm ... I'd say, SAD but MEANINGFUL. That's why the title is "Feel Me ...?"

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