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Friday, 29 August 2008

One of Those Days~

I had a fight with Sharul tonight ... :(

It started with my stupid bubbly mouth!

We went out as usual, lunch out after his Friday prayer then off buying stuff for my monthly use and errands. Then to a movie. We watched Babylon AD. We don't like the movie! Then on the way home, I got so affected by this Indonesian song; "Tiada Lagi" by Mayang Sari. It's one of those hit-to-my-heart songs. The message was the girl's given up hope on her guy. Just the right situation between me and Sharul.

I could feel him staring at me while I was singing along with the song. I guess he got hit too. Sigh~

Just before reaching his car, which he had parked somewhere, I blurted out what my mum had 'instructed' me of doing ~ to find a guy a.s.a.p. by December next year as she wants to see me on the aisle. I don't know what got into me tonight that I freely said that am planning to look for an 'orang putih' cause Malay men are just hard to trust these days.

I didn't realise Sharul's silence, till he was about to leave to his car. Holding on to my car door, he said, "I'll see babu (my mum) and tell her that I will be the groom. The ONLY groom!"

Again, I don't know what got into me. I smirked to his remarks! Guys! I SMIRKED at the guy whom I dream to marry. I even nudged on the door, trying to close it!! Something really got into me tonight!

Like a volcano, he erupted saying that he'd made the promise to make me his wife and he will keep that promise, no matter what and that nobody can ever do that except him.

I was a bitch! I SMIRKED at him again!! Sheesh!! Sigh~

I guess, I've heard that line too many times in the past 6 years we were together and tonight when he said it again, I just couldn't control myself ...

I left saying this to him:

"Before you see her, make sure you have that stable job and enough money to take me. Don't embarrass yourself!"

He echoed, "I will take care of that!!"

I drove off after that, with tears falling down my face .... :'(


MamaShasha said...

hello dear...
mm...I am sorry to hear that. I know how you feel right now. I wish I could be there. Well, at least you gave him a lesson and how did he respond this kan. Biar ia notice that he got to do something to be your groom. Get ME? Dun feel bad because of this. Let him think dear...

Suzila A said...

... Thanks Mamashasha ...

This time I really feel that I'm losing him. Really losing him ... :'(

Maybe we're meant to be friends ...

Princess Gizmo said...

Oh my dear friend..I'm sorry about ur situation. Don't worry dear..If he's truly the one for you, Insya-Allah he'll be for you. But if he's not..Redha saja darling..Don't worry ada hikmat di sebalik nya tu. But then..I support ur 'action' that nite..Way to go gal!! He should take ur words seriously.. Mwaaaahhh sayang u!Don't worry k?

Suzila A said...

Thanks ScrapperMaya. Thanks for being there for me.. Love you to bits too darl! :)

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