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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Two Fine Days :)

My day at work was tiring, as usual. Now that the oral exam is coming, the kids are just too wild to get themselves tested. It's been hectic ever since they learnt that the exam's this Monday. Yesterday's lesson ended with them presenting pictures in groups, while others asked questions. I was amazed seeing the excitement on their faces. The period even started with one of them asking, "Teacher! We have picture again today?" <-- he meant to say, "Are we having picture comprehension again today?" He's one of my weak students. When I said "Yes", he went back to his group and soon after, they screamed excitedly! "I like!" he said again. Hehehe, cute!

The group work was a success. They tried so hard picking up points from pictures they had. They even became so competitive with one another when I decided to give marks on their performances. The amazing part was when they all participated in the activities, even sat on the floor listening to their friends' presentations <-- the desks were arranged in "U-shape" so the groups could stand in the middle of the classroom. For being so excited, they left their seats and sat on the floor. Awwwe ... Ain't THAT an achievement yet!

On the way down the stairs, having the kids behind, I could hear them arguing over the marks I gave to each group. I couldn't help smiling overhearing them say, "English is fun huh!!" :D Now, THAT, is an achievement of the day! :D The kids overtook me and asked me, "Teacher, you gave us 4/5 but Hilmi's group 5/5. Not fair eh teacher!" I replied, "Why do you think you got 4/5?" The group went silent, looked at each other, then simultaneously attacked me with "Alaaa, teacher!", "Why again!!" bla, bla, bla. Kekeke :p Apparently, they just couldn't stand me keep asking them the "Wh-" questions. Hehehe :p

It was one fine day yesterday :D

Today, the talk we delivered was also a success. Raheemah and I didn't make a fool of ourselves this time, Alhamdulillah :) Even the flow of the session went smoothly that the Ministry officers were impressed with us all. The participants were also amazing, having participated in all the activities that we had prepared. Thank you to the Principal of the hosting school for her kind cooperation and support :)

Now the time shows 11.53pm. I just got home from Yanti's house. Tomorrow's her brother's Nikah Ceremony. We helped out with the wrappings and all, and stuffed with food!! Fuhh!! I tried joining the 'Bingo' game, and lost! Cheh!

Despite that, I had fun! :) Nitey people! I had another one fine day today :D

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