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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

?? Feel Me??

Now feel me!

How'd you feel when you admire someone's work (and you honestly do), without any bad intention whatsoever, but you get the kind of treatment that you just do NOT expect??

You see, I love this photographer's work, soooo much! His work is just awesome! Well anyway, to photos that I feel really touching, presenting and whatever, I'd leave comments. Not JUST any comment, but ones that I felt about after viewing his piece of art. I'm not saying I'm good with art or whatever but, I'm learning to see the beauty of art in his photos. And I am selective too. I left comments on his nature works mostly cause I love anything about nature. Sunsets, sunrises, trees, you name it. And I'm not ashamed to say that I'm one of his great fans. I'd visit his page just to view any nature photos that he posted.

Well lately, I noticed this photographer's numerous pieces of nature shots. Man! His touches are just amazing and breathtakingly beautiful! I don't know much on camera shots or anything about camera. All I have is my Sony Cyber-shot that I bought in Singapore last year. Yet, I still don't know much on how to use it. All I know is, switching it on and off and click that record button. Now having the chance to view someone's work that really excites me, of course I subconsciously become a fan. Not by force, but by all those capturing effects of his photos.

I'd feel really glad if any of the comments I had left was replied by this photographer. It felt like having Avril Lavigne's autograph personally handed to you by the singer herself. Now you know what I mean ya. Well anyway, recently I felt really weird (can't find a better word to describe how I feel) when I found that my comments were ... deleted! I wasn't tracing for direct responses from him but I really admire his work that I'd really like to see how he'd respond to my comments. But it was sad when I found that he deleted them. Not 1, but 3 now. I mean, why??

As far as I know, the comments that I left did not carry any bad words or messages or even bad jokes. I commented based on the photos that I viewed and learnt. I don't know this photographer. I don't know his name. I don't know where he's from. All I see is his talent. Purely his talent. I can't think of any reason why he deleted my comments.

It's upsetting. I wasn't trying to bother anyone with anything. I mean, the pictures are posted on his blog. So as far as I know, it's sure meant to be viewed, and commented on. Do you feel me?

Now why did he delete my comments? *shake head*

It's unbelievable how someone could do that to a fan. He made me feel like I'm a bother or a fungi. To whoever you are, I'm NOT a stalker. I am just being honest writing those comments on your work. I am just a nobody who wish to see that one day your pieces of art hang on those walls for everyone to see, not just crammed in this blogspot web.

To whoever you are, the talented photographer, you just lost a fan today!


Anonymous said...

hah??what?why?..suzila..i can feel ur mixed emotion thru this writing..
i once saw his great photos on his blog, like u said he's such a good photographer n is it wrong if we admire his art kan?
did u ever ask him why he did that to ur comment? hemmm..curious too.. why yaa?..never mine la..we're not d one who lost anything but he lost 'something' yaaa...hehehehe...
cool sis..lets browse other great photographer's blog with more great photos & arts that are more open to any comment rite..


Anonymous said...

Yelah...i agree with izz. Why don't u ask the photographer why he deleted your comments? Or maybe he doesn't want to receive any comments and prefers private comments? Like my brother for example, he deletes any comments from people but they're free to send any views/comments to his emails. He likes to keep his website 'clean and professional'. Unless this photographer only deletes yours and leaves comments fr others undeleted (if there's such word!). Anyway, i know how you feel. Sometimes people are like that you know...
- rohaiza

Suzila A said...

Thanks Izz & Rohaiza.

Hmm.. Maybe he didn't want his art to be commented but what made me even upset was he DID NOT delete others' comments. What made me more annoyed was, those he KEEPS in his comments page were of SIMILAR comments as mine. Heran kan!!

Yea Izz! He just lost a great fan! But I really admire his work. I'll keep browsing for other photographers' and hopefully to find ones as good as him :)

MamaShasha said...

Hello ling,
I can feel your feelings here...even you talked to me about this thing yesterday, right? mmm..Even, I am wondering, why did he delete your comments? not 1 BUT 3? mm...even, if I am in your situation, I will definitely upset. You should go and ask him.

Suzila A said...

Hi Mamashasha!

Thanks darl. I'd like to know why he did that but as I said, I don't want to bother anyone in anyway so I guess I better make a distance. I mean, I got the hints! As you know, he deleted 3 of my comments, NOT 1 so I guess he's hinting that I should NOT view his page anymore. Got me? Erk! Then again, WHY huh???

Even if I really want to know WHY, I've deleted his link from my FavBlogs' list. As I said before, he's lost a fan!

Thanks again dear :)

Anonymous said...

sis, u should see all photos from this website..below the link to his gallery..

i luv every single photo he captured..;D


Suzila A said...

Gee thanks sis! :D I'll go visit it! ;)

Princess Gizmo said...

Wow I didn't know the world is so cruel out there!! Nvm darling, just view my blog hahaha.. Ignore that photographer loh.. No big deal what's important u know how to blog hopping & find other great photographer's blogs!! Anyway Tq for giving the link.. It's a beautiful blog. :)

Suzila A said...

Thanks ScrapperMaya :)

Thanks girls!! Love you all, mmmwwahhzz!! :D

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