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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Oh ooOOoo!

After work at 3pm, I felt a slight numb on my right arm right up to my shoulder. It was 'unusual' cause all these years, I only have problems with my left shoulder, never on the right. The pain worsened as I drove to meet Sharul (finally! I missed him like hell!). I had my late lunch at the Centerpoint Foodcourt, having Dimsums and 'Kolomee Bakso'. Sharul had Jollibee's 'Double Cheese Fries'.

Stuffed, we walked all the way to The Mall. I'd to buy some toiletries from Winmark. Downstairs, there's a bazaar of some sort and we spotted this advert on healthy food for joints and bones. Walla!! Sharul urged me to stop by the booth ~ he gets all panicky even when I shriek knocking on something :p From then on, I had myself checked: height, weight, water level, bones density etc, etc, etc.

To cut the story short, I now pronounce that:

*I am 5 kg HEAVIER than I was in December last year (huhuhu :S)

*My bones density is NORMAL ~ but am advised to watch out for the borderline level (erk!)

*The water level in my body is VERY HIGH ~ due to the fats in every inch of my body (ish!!)

*My energy level is HIGHER than normal ~ not good, the advisor said ( ..... )

So, I guess I better take the healthy food sachets and herbs, which would cost me roughly $200. I don't have that much cash now but am sure gonna buy 'em next month. It's worth giving a try. A doctor once diagnosed me of having a sign of Anthritis for the pain on my right shoulder. The drugs that she gave didn't give me any effect so I stopped taking them. This happened 3 years ago ...

I also recently learnt from my cousin, whose mother is suffering from Anthritis, that this bone problem is 'unreversable'. The doctors could only give painkillers to release the pain ... [Sigh!] I told my mum what I had learnt about at The Mall. She got so worried that she urged me to go back and buy the stuff right at that very moment. She even handed me her $100 ...

Of course I didn't take the money. She's got lots of other things to worry about ~ now that my 2 brothers are entering colleges. I promised her I'd buy the heathy food sachets and herbs next month. Promise!

PS: This is one of the few signs I've got since aging ... Ya Allah, I beg for Your mercy and forgiveness. Please give me strength accepting Your Qada' dan Qadar for I am Your weak servant ... Ameeen ...

PPS: Happy Birthday Raheemah! Love you darl! Hope we WON'T make a fool of ourselves (again!) in tomorrow's talk ya :) All the best dear and hope you enjoyed your birthday today ;)

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