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Monday, 4 August 2008


I just got home from a short meeting with Raheemah on our ORT Talk this coming Thursday. We don't wanna make a fool of ourselves again next time. As I mentioned in my earlier post, we didn't do much talking as we were lost on things that we should be covering that day. As for my case, I prepared my part but was cancelled in the last minute, only to be covered by another speaker ~ the same speaker whom had cancelled my part. I was stunned! I sat next to Raheemah that day feeling ... stabbed ... and lost :(

Today at work, I got a last minute assignment. The fax came in today and they wanted it done today as well. Having got full periods, I didn't manage to collect all the teachers' data by mid day. Thanks to Ann for doing it for me. I re-typed the whole thing again as the slots given were just too crampy. I gotta rush things off as I had to have the Oral Mock with the students at 1pm. While typing, a colleague commented on me, saying that I didn't look as happy as I was before. I got myself surprised when I replied, "No, I'm not happy Mr. Tan." I was lost in-between work, absent-mindedly replying to his question as such. [Sigh!]

By after 4pm, I met Raheemah at Desa Cafe. Both of us were so tired, and hungry, that we munched on our late lunch within 15 minutes! After a few discussions, we found ourselves lost as we're still blur with what the ORT Programme is about. Oh God! Please don't let us deliver craps in the next 8 talks :(

Before parting, we managed to add in some detailed examples of assessment materials for the participants to learn from. We hope those powerpoints will help as the previous group demanded more detailed information about the programme.

PS: Just finished talking with Mamashasha on MSN. I found out that I lost count on the number of days I'm supposed to pay for my missed fasts. And fasting month starts on 1st September! Oh ooO! Now I am in trouble! I plan to pay 'em all this Thursday onwards, as Miss Mooney is here right now. I pray God gives me strength to perform my fasts these coming days ... with all the afternoon Oral Exams and ORT Talks ... InsyaAllah.

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