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Monday, 11 August 2008


The whole thing started with a girl's desire to reach her dream as an idol singer. Being a trainee nurse, that didn't stop her from soothing the old patients with the sweetness of her voice, not noticing that it had affected her credibility in that field.

Her desire boosted on the night she attended her idols' concert. Before the night ended, she befriended Rozana, who told her the secret of Mona's 'susuk'. Rozana herself wore the magical touch of susuk too. The next night, she didn't blink an eye, witnessing the gold needles being inserted in some parts of Rozana's body.

Soon after, not realising the effect of susuk, she met the witch doctor who practised the ancestors' weapon to maintaining beauty and youth. With the touch, it transformed her differently; having the glow on her face and seductive movements of her body. Even her boyfriend of 6 years could no longer recognise her.

Yet, the susuk she carried in her didn't give much effect, till a man who called himself as the 'Dewanga' Wizard appeared to almost anywhere she went. She then left the rest of her life in his hand.

I rate this movie 8/10 (there's never been a perfect movie so ...). It's a genre that I enjoy the most, provided that I watch it during the day hehhee :p I went to watch it with my sister, Zima, and brother, Zainul. We entered the cinema just when the movie had just started. A few minutes later, we almost jumped off our seats with the finding of a skinned woman body on a river bank. The rest of the movie was just awesome, with its twisted yet fine finishing. Good job Amir Muhammad and the gang (not sure who made the movie though. Got the name from ScrapperMaya's comment :p).

The combination of casts is also just fabulous, having Ida Nerina, Diana Rafar, Afdlin Aman Ramli, Sofea Jane, and many more. I've always been Ida Nerina's fan. I don't watch all her movies per se but I wouldn't change the channel whenever I see her starring on TV. So, I'd count myself as one of her millions of fans. Ida Nerina, I love you!! :D

After the movie, Zima dropped by the Shabby Chic. Being a sticker-lover to the max, Zainul and I took our seats at the table of the shop. We love the movie so much that we spent the 'kill-the-time' phase talking about it. As Zima could take forever choosing whatever she's gonna buy, we finally made sense of the twisted Susuk movie :) Well, you'll know what I mean by 'twisted' when you watch it guys. I gotta admit. We couldn't help having wrinkled brows leaving the cinema. Then again, the forever-waiting time was well spent eventually, and we love the movie ever more!

We headed to Mister Pizza to have our late lunch. Missing our 'discussion' of the movie, Zima had her own perception of it. Of course we made it 'clearer' to her and she went, "Ooooo..." hehehe. When she questioned, "So, what's the point of the movie really?" Zainul and I exchanged look and replied, "It shows that susuk is not working unless you have the 'true' beauty yourself! Better yet, have the plastic surgery than taking susuk!!" Kekeke :p To those who have watched the movie, I'm sure you agree with me. Funny, yet that's what we concluded :p

I agree with ScrapperMaya's comment on the movie. It's the next best movie after 'Puteri Gunung Ledang'. To stay forever young is just not possible. Taking susuk or botox is one's right to do but do remember, it's not gonna last as your soul rots with age.


Amir said...

Thank you very much for your comments :-)

Yes it IS the sort of movie that is meant to be discussed after watching :-)

Suzila A said...

Hey! Glad you dropped by :) Just being honest here. Impressive work I must say. Wish to see more of your movies in future :)

PS: Kirim salam kat Ida Nerina, boleh?? ;)

Princess Gizmo said...

Melampaw anak ani!!! Oh yes if Mr.Amir happen to read this.. Kirim salam kat Ida Nerina jugak ye. Makasih.. Hehehe...
ScrapperMaya @ PrincessGizmo..

Zalee said...

Amir is not alone. Maybe even the ENTIRE movie team are "watching over" blogger's review on the movie; that includes me... ;)

"Honesty is the best policy."

Suzila A said...

Zalee, owh is that so? Waaah! I hope the ENTIRE team is reading this coz I really love the movie! It's a job well done guys!!!

PS: I DO hope Ida Nerina is reading it too :D Perasan plak kekeke :p Ida Nerina, I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!! :D

ShineGirL said...

Wah~ Steady Suzila. If Ida nerina read this comment, you look FABZ in this movie. The boDY... Fuh!!

This movie, personally.. made me think! and made me recall what happened from the beginning till the end.

I wanna watch it again. I want to understand the story lg.. interesting , where both past and present dimainkan selang seli... woahh! Very creative..

Suzila A said...

See! Told ya! Creative indeed! I read your post on SUSUK and yes. Like the writer Amir said, it's a movie that's meant to be discussed after watching :) Me and my bro took the time talking 'bout it after the movie and it's a satisfaction when we finally found the 'logic' of the whole story :)

Still love the movie and I'm definitely going to purchase the DVD for collection :)

I'm not really a M'sian movie fan but SUSUK ... Fuhh!! The MOST~ ;)

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