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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Wakey! Wakey!

It's 6.20am and I'm still in bed! Gotta get ready to work soon.

I'm heading to Temburong. I should be at the jetty by 8am, where I'll meet Danny. The boat ride will take us to the 'ghost town' of Bangar for 45 minutes the most. HN and HA of the Exchange Programme Unit from the Ministry will be going there by car, going through Limbang (Sarawak) to Temburong (Brunei).

I hope my work with them will be done by midday cause I gotta be with the ORT Team by 2pm to deliver our 9th presentations, our last sharing session. It will only be me, Irman and Raheemah this time. Salwa and Didi will be giving the sec 5 students their O'Level oral exam. Suhaif is still engaged with the Special Need Course.

I should be back to Bandar at 5pm. Hope our journeys to and from Temburong are safe and not bumpy!

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