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Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Family Function

~~ THE WEDDING (3rd August 2008) ~~

~~ BERBEDAK CEREMONY (1st August 2008)~~


Anonymous said...

"Berbedak ceremony"..???
wahhh...never heard before..
is it same like "malam berinai"??


Suzila A said...

Hmmm ... It's a similar one. This is when the olds put 7 different colours of powders on the bride and groom's palms later on with pandan leaves and flowers. The olds then get the 'bunga telur' and some gifts :)

The 'Berinai Ceremony' the night before the wedding, which is after the 'Berbedak Ceremony' :)

Anonymous said...

Me syuka gambar me lawa buleh?? kirai me lagi tabal tu cam pwincesss!! malu me eyh u ah post gambar me...thanks ah sal minat me.. ada g gambarr me yg lawa?? keyh sampai sini dulu..nanti g me ckp wit u ah..*peluk cium*

+Legendary Ranger+

Suzila A said...

Adihh! Prasan plang ya! Banyak gambar ku kali ah sana tu! Your pic is just a 'tambahan' ekekeke :p

People! Gilak sister ku yang sorang nih! Hahaha! I lap u NuwoL!! ;)

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