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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Why! Why! Why!!

The weather's been really hot lately and the heat is just killing me! I haven't been able to pay my qadha' fasts (3 more days though) and I blame the weather for that!! Besides, Miss Mooney is coming soon so my appetite for 'soto' and 'fried noodles' is just unstoppable!! I feel so hungry and thirsty so easily lately. Not to mention my sore throat and bumps in some parts of my body, you know with the hormones and all. You girls know what I mean of course!

I know there's a scientific reason for why we women suffer before the arrival of Miss Mooney. It's just ... painful. As for me, I feel the pain in all parts of my body, especially from the waist down. I could stay in bed the whole day bearing the pain. Yet, I wouldn't feel better by just lying down. In fact, I just can't sit, stand, lie down, any move is just PAINFUL! Not to mention my mood swings. And out of the blue last night, I read some mails I sent to my ex (NOT Sharul FYI) and I cried! I'm over him but reading those mails ... sigh! Sah! Aku PMS!

My family sometimes get the effect of my I-can't-control-my-bad-mood mood. Sometimes it gives me some time to realise that I had screamed at my siblings, even my parents. The victim at home is usually my mum (caaayang babu!!) but she always understands cause I'm a joker in the family, after Nurul and Azri. So when I blew up, she knows it's just a phase. The Miss Mooney phase.

So yeah, back to my qadha' fasts, I actually planned to fast yesterday but since I was going to meet Danny at the Ministry yesterday, so I decided not to in the end. Why? Me, Danny ... we EAT!! I can't remember any time of our meetings that we didn't sit down and order meals in between discussion. I didn't fast today too . I felt extremely exhausted yesterday that I just felt that fasting would just make me feel even worse. I had been ill since December last year and I just recently got my life back without those continuous coughs. I don't wanna fall sick again, not with Ramadhan coming soon. And now with the PMS. Erk! PMS+Flu+Coughs = Stay in Bed. I DON'T want that!! Not anymore!

InsyaAllah I will start fasting again this Saturday. I can't do tomorrow cause I am sending off Zainul to Army College with mum and dad. He'll be appointed Officer ~ Officer Cadet ~ tomorrow :) Before that, I'll be meeting Lulu at 10am. We've gotta browse through some readers for our department. Sigh~ It's gonna be another long day for me tomorrow then ...

Miss Mooney, stay away!! I've 3 more days to pay for my fast! Huhu ~

PS: Happy Birthday Puchen!! :) Love you bro!!

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