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Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Big Q

“Hey!” here, “Hey!” there
Aunts cry, uncles dry
Children run, teens hide
Olds chum, I fly!!

As they ask me why?

"When's your turn?"

"The time will come", I reply
Once I found the man
And mum gives the funds ;)
Oh yes! That time will come!

~~ Hmm ... The BIG question that's so typically asked (and traumatic shall I say) in every family wedding. Adush! Another family wedding's next week. Mum, heeeelp!! Huhuhu :p ~~


Anonymous said...

I m sick with dat Big Q also ting! waaaaaa... this afternoon aku jumpa my fren and she asked me 'I heard u married udah?' Nooo not again.. Everywhere i go there is always that BIG TRAUMATIC QUE! heeehe.


Suzila A said...

Hi ting! Yeaaa ... Huhu next week g ur bro's wedding! Habis la tani!!! Uwaaa!

Ssssabaaarrrr :p

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