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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Last Night

Last night, the gathering ended up with us playing BINGO, 3 times! Hanif won the 2nd round .. Go Hanif!!! :D

After Dusk and Evening Prayers, we had our dinner at the front porch of the groom's place. We also recited the Surah Yaasin as planned and a doa' after every recital. Bottles of water were given to the juma'ah, InsyaAllah with the blessing of the recited doa'. Before drinking it, everyone made another doa', hoping for God's blessing. InsyaAllah :)

It was Bungsu Hamdani's birthday as well last night :) So, as usual, we cousins gathered and planned for his surprised birthday :D I led the group, singing the birthday songs, also announcing our 1 year old cousins association kekeke :p

Everyone was puzzled when I called the HCAC members hahaha :p Our aunts even questioned what "HCAC" stands for so we all said, it means ... "Hamids Clan Association Company" <-- Hamid is our late grandfather's name :D Everyone laughed of course hahaha!!

So as I said, it was a surprise so I firstly announced that we were going to sing a "Nasyid", considering that we were celebrating Nisfu Sya'aban last night ;) Even Bungsu Hamdani was sitting at the very front to hear us sing! Kekeke :p I must say, we fooled everybody!!!

As we were singing the birthday songs, Bungsu Leha brought in the birthday cake, approaching her birthday hubby ;) Everyone clapped their hands after he blew off the candles, of course with Haziq as the extra "candle-blower", perasan birthday nya plang hehehe ;) We ended the 'show' saying ... "WE LOVE YOU BUNGSUUUUU!!!" :D He's our coolest uncle ever!!

After that, we had Lucky Draws, which we won 3 ;) My sisters won the table lamp and handbag while Zainul got the stove!! We all teased him as he's gonna enter the college and stay in a hostel, the stove's gonna be very handy hehehe :p

The kids were playing PS2, it's the final round last night. The elders were watching the Olympics live telecast, also the soccer match. Arsenal was playing. Even the groom joined the crowds, with his white-covered-with-powder face, hands and legs. The little ones were scared, especially Haziq, screaming "Zombieee!!!" hahahaha!!!! :D He looked scary for them indeed!

By 11.30pm, I quit playing BINGO and left to get my bajus to wear today, only to find out it's not done yet! Errrgh!!! In a few minutes, I'll rush to get it and to Farizal's wedding. Well guys, I gotta go ya! Will up-date on the wedding later ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!!! :D

PS: "Ya Allah, grant me my wish to finally see me and Sharul on the aisles. You are the Most Merciful and the Almighty. You're the Great Listener. Give me Your blessing and give me to him as his wife, Ameen." With that doa', I took a gulp of the blessed water ... InsyaAllah ...

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