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Friday, 8 August 2008

Way Back Into Love

It's 1.10am now and I just came back from ScrapperMaya's blog. She just posted videos on Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore's 'Way Back Into Love' song and a scene from the movie 'Music and Lyrics'.

I did try uploading the videos a few months ago but failed. I love the movie and what's so special about it is ... it's the last movie me and Sharul watched on Valentine's ...

Couldn't help my tears from falling watching the videos ... :'(


Anonymous said...

i love d movie too!!!
u wanna know something? i watched 'Music & Lyric' alone on that valentine's day...hahaha.. kesian me kan...;P Just break off few weeks before that..and on that day, i lost control n took half day off n went to watch d movie (crazy me yaa..hehe..)..
d guy at d counter ticket asked me so many times "sorang je?"..huhhh..
opss sorry for d long comment..hehe..;D


Suzila A said...

Hey girl! Thanks :) Hmmm ... Well, it sucks huh! It's my cousin's nikah today and the big Q was raised again! Cheh!

Sorry to hear that ya. I once waited for a movie to start when a lady approached me and started a conversation. I still remember when she asked me, "You're alone TOO?" and I couldn't help staring at her before answering. When I said, "My friend's coming," she had a smile on her face but rather ... sad.

[Sigh!] I hope I won't end up like her. She's in her mid-30s and looked alone ... Kesian ...

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