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Saturday, 23 August 2008

@#%@#!!^& !!!

The time shows 2.32am. Some stupid girl miscalled and texted me in the middle of the night an hour ago.

First, a missed call. Then she texted, "YusRa". I was like .... WTH! I ignored it yet she called AGAIN! @#%@#!!^& !!! I rejected, thought she'd stop! But NOOOOOOOO! She texted me, AGAIN!! Errrghhhh! This time a longer one, "bang YusRa kh ni?" Arrrghhh!! Inda paham!! Urg nda layan atu, sudah tahhhh!!! So I replied "NO!"

Nurul was online so I thought, why not having sahur together now I'm awake (thanks to that B***h!!!). She told me earlier she'd fast tomorrow BUT she changed her mind! Greaatt!!! She gave me her nasi katok though. She couldn't finish it. Rezekiii! :p

Ok guys. Nitey! I mean, good 'am' ... Perempuan S**LLL!!!

PS: Makan nasi katok ingat my bro Zainul. Sigh~ ya suka makan nasi katok huhu ...

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