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Sunday, 17 August 2008

The Best & Most Fun Family Wedding EVER!!!

I gotta say, and I'm gonna keep repeating that, Farizal and Badriyah's wedding was the BEST and MOST FUN family wedding EVER!!! We love every detail of the functions, right from the tents to souvenirs, the food and music, not to mention the newly weds' aisles and songket. The bride's make-up was really awesome. She looked so ... fuhh! The MOST~ Amal and I had to run after the make-up artist asking for his business card, only to find out he didn't have it with him at that time huhu :S Badriyah's wedding gowns were just .... beautiful!

On the wedding day, they were wearing green. Just the nice colour for both of them. The tiara and accessories were also very very ... wow! Even better, when we got to witness the Tutong wedding ceremony on that day, as Badriyah's mum comes from Tutong.

The 'Cuci Kaki' or 'Rinse the Feet' Ceremony was very new to us. Well, at least, for us cousins. I couldn't stop taking every detail of the ceremony from the moment the bride and groom sat on the aisle outside the house and took off their shoes, to the time the elder put the 'parang' and sharpening tool below their feet, right up to the moment when the elders pour water to their feet using some sort of a small bucket with a handle. The water was provided in a big vase. After rinsing the newly weds' feet, the elders pun envelops of cash on a silver tray at the corner of the aisle. It was such a beautiful ceremony. Mamashasha and Ejah, now I know your wedding culture :)

The ceremony was really jolly. Everyone was sporting, especially us the HCAC gang. Last night, we had a blast on the bus rides to and from the bride's place for the couple's 'Malam Ambil-Ambilan'. It is the night when the mother of the groom hands the bride some accessories as a way of welcoming her to the family. My aunt gave her a gold necklace, ring and bracelet. We then took pictures with the couple on the aisle. Last night, they put on their pink songket. Badriyah looked amazing and her dress was just ... breathtakingly beautiful. Farizal also looked fabulous, though in pink. They are just perfect for each other.

The dinner was really grand. No wonder she spent 80k for everything. The food was yummy, a catering from Aneka Rasa Restaurant, and the Lucky Draws and Quizzes were amazing! We had so much fun, while winning some prizes at the same time. The Masamichi photographer was also a sport. He took pictures of us all, capturing happy moments that we were having. I can't wait to see the photos and hope I'll be able to link the published pictures on the website here for everybody's viewing :D

For the time being, enjoy what you see here people! :D


~~ 'Berbedak' Ceremony ~~


~~ The Wedding Day ~~


~~ 'Malam Ambil-Ambilan' Ceremony ~~


~~ Now the HCAC Fun & Happy Moments @ the Wedding Ceremonies :) ~~

PS: So stress now with the continued Big Q asked by the elders. On the way home from the wedding, mum even 'instructed' me to get married next year. Yes, NEXT YEAR. She even offered to lend me the cash for my so-called wedding ... Sigh~~


Anonymous said...

wink wink..hehe..;D
dunno wat to comment..hehe..
jst enjoy reading it..


Suzila A said...

:p Hehe. Thanks Izz. Fuhh! It was fun :)

Anonymous said...

JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! AKU RINDU HANGOUT CEMATUUUUUUUUU LAGI SMA HCAC KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! LAKAS TAH KAWIN SMA C HENSEMMMMMMM!!!!! c SEGAK! c MANCHUNG IDUNGGGG!!! YANG LAM BAS TDI!!! MO KAH? U MO?? ME MO EYH!!! hahahahahha aauuuttt waah yieeeh!!! (ringsak lam kumin teriak-teriak) eh notice kamu, look at d way d groom tua Othman :p berkalibar! hehe salute Tuan! AKU RINDU C GNULLLLLLL!!!!!!!! :( hihihihihi stewewew! d point is, aku suka d wedding to d very maxi of d most n everly d funnest of all enjoys n funs in my whole entire lify~ hwahwahwahwa! awuuu!! banarrr! alai na tipu wah yeah! tamparrrr karrrrangggg! (kiut?) anu wah jadi baju ah..bah jadi? bah awu bah krg ah..k


Suzila A said...

Hahaha! Silahawww!!! Ani lagi sorang majal kawin! I guess it runs in he family huhuhu! Yantiiii! Bila tani kawiiin?? Hahhaa! Desperate bunyinya!
Yes 1000000X!! It's the best and most fun family wedding EVER!!! HCAC announcement pun masa bekumpul2 kekeke :p Bah, jadi tu buat baju! Yanti kau mau apa? Aku PUBLIC RELATIONS kekeke :p We go out nanti Yowl bai baju, with HCAC! Amal tau mana murah! Hehhe :D

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