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Friday, 8 August 2008

One Breath & He's Hers :)

Farizal's Nikah Ceremony was today at about 3.30pm at the bride's place in Jerudong. Yanti and I were surprisingly 'worried', as she commented that her bro is a stutter hehehe :p Even funnier when the ceremony was over, he told us that the verse for the Nikah was 'added up' by the imam ~ the $300 mas kahwin and a ring. In other words, the verse he'd been practising was SHORTER than the one he was told to say kekeke :p Alhamdulillah, in just one breath, Badriyah is his :)

Last night, we had a family gathering at the groom's, doing some helping out with wrapping the lucky draw presents and all. Of course, stuffed too! Fuhh! Later on, we had a BINGO game, which I lost cheh! Haziq, my lil cuzzie was so entertaining! Meriah majalis ulihnya anak atu! Hehe :D Enjoy the pictures guys! :)

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My engagement: 01.01.10
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