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Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Sharing The Truth ....

I know everyone is now watching 'the video'. I hope my entry this time won't cause any trouble: a reminder to myself and my faith, my beloved friends and family.

I have talked to my cousin, Yanti, my friends at work, and an Ustazah whom I work with about 'the video'. I have not watched it because I choose not to as this kind of exposure would (or will) affect anyone, either positively or negatively. However, I did read comments from people about it, both in this blog site and youtube. I pray no one is 'affected' (terasa hati) by the findings that I have achieved from my trying to find out the truth about 'the video' and its effects to my friends and people out there...

From my understanding from the blog entries and youtube comments that I read:
1. She died for 2 hours and got her life back
2. She witnessed the world of 'alam barzakh'
3. She met our Prophet (pbuh) - as mentioned, she 'saw' his face, so I assume she 'met' him in person
4. She talked to Allah swt ...
5. An angel told her personally to agree to be interviewed on her 'experience' in the world of 'alam barzakh'

I choose not to watch 'the video' because as far as I know of the teaching of Islam that I have received since I was little, it is merely said that we will only meet our Prophet (pbuh) and The Almighty swt when Qiamat comes. Now, based on this fact and knowledge that have been deeply buried in me, I hereby choose not to watch 'the video'.

After talking to those I know of having strong faith in Islam and its teaching (aren't we all?), an Ustazah agreed with what I have said above.

The Ustazah said (and I remember learning this way back in Religious School) that anyone who has become to believe in her/him meeting Rasulullah (pbuh), what's more Allah swt, at this moment (before Qiamat: be it be the world of 'alam barzakh', dream, etc), those whom she/he 'saw' or 'met' were indeed NOT Them. And talking to (or being contacted by an angel) is definitely not happening to just anybody. Angels are only in contact with humans in the world of 'alam barzakh', not in the world we live in now.

It's Ramadhan. I'm sure everyone is really sensitive with this kind of issue but I know, for some of you guys out there, you might see it as not simply an issue, but a calling.

People .... Haven't we all got 'the calling' from our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on his journey of Isra' and Mikraj? Also from all his sunnah and God's verses in our Holy Book? All the descriptions (that I read from blog entries and comments) of course matched with what Rasulullah (pbuh) witnessed in his journey of Isra' and Mikraj, which then he passed on to us. That is 'the calling'. But talking to The Merciful? Seeing the Prophet? Angel?? The Ustazah said that, what the girl 'saw' were NOT 'Them' but only Syaitaan which pretended to be 'Them'.

"Kun Fa Ya Kun" ... Allah swt might have given her the hidayah by giving her the second life, letting her 'experience' the world of 'alam barzakh' but the ones she 'saw' or 'met' or 'talked to' were NOT 'Them'.

It's everyone's choice to believe her or not. To agree with me or not. To condemn me after reading this, you may. What I am sharing here is what I have found, based on my knowledge and faith in Islam. I am not saying that I have the strongest faith, believe me, I still have a long way to go and still weak at some levels about Islam. I am not saying I am better than anyone, please don't misunderstand me. What I am sharing here is the truth I have learnt so far and I am sure, there are a lot more to learn in days to come.

I apologize for any misconception you may have after reading this. My intention is purely sharing with all, the truth about the issue that some might have failed to see after watching 'the video'.

Wallahu'alambissawwab .... May Allah swt protect us all and forgive us for being His weak servants .... Amiiiinnn ....


Princess Gizmo said...

Really? Subahanallah! That is absolutely absurb!! Kurafat banar! I agree w/ u 100%. Although I'm not a very religious person, but still I have my religion education & knowledge which can tell me which is right or wrong. So definitely 'that video' is just another method to confuse us Muslims. I don't know who to blame? The 'lady' for exposing the things? Or Syaitan terlaknat yang mainkan d girl? I don't know whether she realize the truth but from what I read she must have been blinded by it & believed it so much which made she thought it for real... Am I wrong to say such things? Oh we can say about this on & on.. But then it will be never ending discussion.. Thanks for sharing.. I also chose not to watch it because as soon as I read the comments on the video, I decided to ignore the video.

Suzila A said...

Alhamdulillah I am not the sole Muslim thinking this way. Yes, it is a never ending discussion as we have not experienced it ourselves. The girl did get the hidayah from Allah swt but I also think that she was 'manipulated' by Syaitaan in some ways.

Just a thought ... Wallahu'alam ...

dismantleddoll said...

Ok my knowledge in religion is not so good la but all i can say is..i agree with u. I only watched the video for a few seconds and couldn't stand it anymore. Not because i was scared but because...sorry la i have to be honest..God might strike me with a lightning after this..erk..but yeah...i felt that it was ridiculous. Perhaps it was just her dream. Because u know how some people...they are so 'into' this whole religion stuff and at the end of the day..they would start to think or 'see' things they want to think/see. Then again..who knows? Maybe she did experience it. But i still think that this whole thing macam 'over' skit la kan. This is the kind of thing that can lead to ajaran sesat u know? Whatever it is..Wallahualam...


ShineGirL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ShineGirL said...

One thing we can do...... when we see this kind of thing, we GO BACK to Al-Quran as our reference. For sure there will be no one lah after Nabi Muhammad. (YANG ATU KITA MESTI PEGANG.. as utusan Allah)...Ofcoz!!

After I watched this video, ia hanya satu peringatan sj. Benar kah inda ia nampak wajah Nabi Muhammad, wallahua'lam. Hanya Allah yg mengetahui.

What we can do, kita berbalik sj Believe in Allah, Kiamat, Al-Quran.

I'm not saying you are wrong. Up to an individual to judge lah. To me, it's just peringatan untuk "mempertingkatkan amal dan Iman" sj. Yg lain, aku tolak ketepi. I'm not an 'alim' muslim, frankly speaking.
Sometimes, this thing helpful jua...menyedarkan muslim yang lalai...esp myself. terlalu sibuk hal dunia, sampai too lazy to sembhyg... This Azlina thing is good.. at least... diri jd takut Allah.

Apa2 pun.. i believe when she said, tingkatkan amal and iman sj utk bekalan akhirat. Yg lain, wallahua'lam...


Suzila A said...

Thank you Doll. As what Princess Gizmo said, it's a never ending discussion. What I'm sharing here is from the info that I gathered since the day 'the video' was a talk-about few days ago. It really took my guts to write up this entry to avoid any misunderstanding. My 'nawaitu' is merely for sharing purpose, not to mengada2 or anything, Wallahi...

It's sad cause seems like ada yang dah salah anggap ... and marah ... :(

Suzila A said...

Yes Shinegirl. You are right!

Whatever it is, we should go back to faith and Al-Quran. That is a must. As I said here, "Kun Fa Ya Kun". Allah berkehendak ke atas apa yang di kehendakinya.

Alhamdulillah atas petunjuk yang di lihatkan arah kitani through the girl's experience. But I still berpegang teguh pada basic faith that I learnt: that anyone who has become to believe in her/him meeting Rasulullah (pbuh), what's more Allah swt, at this moment (before Qiamat: be it be the world of 'alam barzakh', dream, etc), those whom she/he 'saw' or 'met' were indeed NOT Them.

As you said so, Allah lebih mengetahui. And His calling was long passed on through His Messenger, Muhammad (pbuh). Cuma kitani saja yang lalai ... That includes me too ...

Wallahu'alam ...

dismantleddoll said...

"tingkatkan amal and iman sj utk bekalan akhirat." - referring to Ejah's last comment...yup yup..betul tu. That's a definite la Jah. Bekalan tu penting...we've been told to prepare la kan because Kiamat pasti akan tiba no matter what people say. Bgs la you gunakan that video sbg peringatan..some people can accept it some people can't and that's how the world is because we've be brought up differently. Setengtah orang hidayah nya dtg cepat..setengah org lambat (mcm I la haha).
Anyway, just like most of us, i also prefer to hold on to my 'basic faith'. People can say whatever...and i would only hold on to something i have faith in..not in something i ragu2 u know? But ntah i said..lain orang lain pendapat. Suzila i don't think u should worry if people misunderstand you. Some people will always misunderstand us. Because we're humans...with the amount of ego and pride we all have...of course each of us would keep fighting for what we believe in just because we think we're so-called 'right'. Let's take me for example, like my whole thing with Tiger Beer ad. It's an assignment. I don't drink it...or even use the beer itself. I've never taken a single drop of alcohol or stepped into a club. But still that does not make me a good Muslim. But how do I know? It's not for us to measure how good we've been cuz only Allah knows what we've done and so on. And to me work is work. As long as i don't drag others to do bad things..i think it should be fine la kan.
Alahai panjang la pulak...

Suzila A said...

Thanks Doll for your kind comment. I find it soothing, thank you very much.

Last night, I asked a friend whether or not I should delete this entry (cause I sensed others' 'feedback', though they don't say anything to me ... yet) but she said that would show others that I 'tarik balik' what I said in here. In other words, I am not wrong in her opinion (as my self too cause I have faith from what I learnt and to hold on to it). I just don't have any intention of hurting anyone's feeling that's all ... :(

I definitely agree with you Doll. Allah lebih mengetahui and only He knows, only He can measure our good deeds or sins. You shouldn't worry too cause you know what you're doing and you know your limit. Alhamdulillah for you my friend :)

*I pray that Allah open their hearts and see nothing other than good intention in my entry here*

ain said...

I watched some parts of the video and something she said made me stop watching it sampai abis. Hehehe I don't think there's a need to delete this entry. You're just sharing your thoughts and views about the video! :)

Suzila A said...

Thanks Ain :)

I personally think that the girl was 'manipulated' in some ways by Syaitaan. Kesian. I think it made her think that she actually met Allah swt and Rasulullah (pbuh).

I pray that her faith will be stronger. Aminn...

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