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Tuesday, 30 September 2008

When Syawal Approaches .....

Brunei will be celebrating Syawal tomorrow or the day after. Just like determining the 1st of Ramadhan, the ru'yah for Syawal crescent moon will also be done. As scheduled, it will be done this afternoon in all places over Brunei. Personally, I hope it won't be seen. I've shared with all why in my previous entry post but another reason is because my brother Zainul is coming home today. As instructed, he will go back to training camp on the 2nd day of Raya. If the Syawal is sighted today, it means he will only have 2 days at home. If not, he will have another day with us. Not that it's a big issue but having him in our mum's open arms will definitely carve a wide smile on her face :)

When Syawal approaches, everyone is busy at home. Every year, it is a hassle with mum screaming and shouting, moving the furniture around and I tell you! My mum is an expert in transforming the living room from simply dull to simply ...... welcoming :) We the kids do not have such talent!! Whatever we do, she'll barge in and a slight move will make your eyes go shine!

This year, the preparation is rather earlier. Usually, we do all the cleaning and dusting a few days before Syawal, even the nigt before! We even sleep late cleaning the house. Speaking of untouched living room for a year that is!! You see, the living room is rather undisturbed all year round, except for one or two occasions like family gathering or barbecue. This year, as we had our Bertahlil and Doa Arwah (prayers of the lost ones) a week before Raya, so the cleaning was rather earlier than previous years. So I guess the Ahmads will hit the pillows early later tonight, that is if it's Syawal tomorrow ;)

We don't prepare Ketupat or rendang on 1st Raya. We usually go back to Lupak Luas, where our late grandparents lived. We visit our uncle there, whose house is just across the house of our late grandparents. The house is now empty and looks so small. On 1st Raya, my uncle will serve us the Raya food and dishes. From there, we'd proceed to Kasat to visit other relatives, yet for some food. On the way back to Bandar, we'd drop by Lumapas, visiting more relatives and by late afternoon, we'd be stuffed with Raya cuisines. Not a good habit for our 30-day starved tummies in Ramadhan, erk!!

Back in Bandar, we'd make more visits from late morning right up to late night cause the next few days are the common days for Open House! So, usually, there's no cooking for us females ;) I guess it's the month where the dads and brothers drive us the girls to wherever for visits hehehe =P It's the month when we become queens and princesses of the family ;)

Syawal is approaching and I am thankful that I managed to have my Tarawikh last night, hopefully to have another one tonight.

Farewell Ramadhan ......... Eid Mubarak everyone!

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