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Sunday, 21 September 2008

A Long Meaningful Trip

The trip was a long one. The 45 minutes boat ride was amazing! Why? Cause I finally saw crocodiles on the way!! Two of them!! One a small one, another bigger. They were sun-bathing, as what Bahri told me. He himself saw one before, a big fat one just near the bank of Sungai Temburong where the boats are docking. It's a jaw dropping news but trust me, the Brunei crocs are tame. They don't attack us humans but they feed on animals like the monkeys and birds. I learnt about this when I had my trip to Kampong Ayer and the Proboscis Monkey Tour.

The tour really taught me more about nature as now I tend to see the true beauty of our green planet and our not-so-clear-but-muddy river. I even know the presence of Proboscis Monkeys in certain parts of our river banks through the smell of the air. Want to learn all these?? Pay those local tour guides from the Mona Flora Fauna Agency! They're the experts and they know A LOT MORE about Brunei :)

Well, back to my outing today, we reached Bangar at 12.35pm and went to the gas station (it's written: 'filling station'. We were amazed actually cause in Bandar we call it 'gas station'). The cost was also rather expensive, something we never knew of before. I think it was 0.536/litre while in Bandar it's way cheaper. We concluded that it must be the additional cost for transferring the gas from Kuala Belait to Temburong. Hmm ... Well said! What do we know! =P

After taking Bahri's passport from his house in Puni, we went back to Bangar Market to purchase some local goodies. We bought 4 packets of Cendols and $10 of Wajid Temburong. What's good about the Cendols are the taste and the cost. In Bandar, it could cost as much as $2.50 per packet and no better than the ones made in Temburong. In Bangar, it's just a dollar each! Blessed!! Too bad I only had a few bucks in my wallet or else I'd buy a lot more for everyone at home. Even Nurul didn't carry any cash with her!!

The journey to crossing Limbang was a long one. I couldn't help complaining about the river crossing using the ferry. I mean, it's not even wide and wouldn't take hours to cross but it cost us $4 to get to Limbang! I mean, for God's sake, build the bridge already!! I tell you, the river is NOT wide. It's as wide as two-lanes road here in Bandar!! $4 for crossing that?? Sheeshhh!!!

We dropped by a furniture store near the road to Bandar Limbang. I am planning to renovate my bedroom this December, since my vacation to Phuket and Bangkok is now cancelled huhu :( So might as well spend the money on transforming the room! I'm thinking of having wall papers and antiques as the theme of my bedroom set and furniture. It might change, we'll just see ;) And today, I had my eyes on this particular bedroom set. It's peach in colour and big. C'mon guys! I am big so yeah, I need a big bed myself *blushing* =P

The queue to Limbang immigration was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long!! We spent 2 hours queuing. Luckily, the day was cloudy or else we would be exhausted of the heat! I hate it when people overtake while they should be at the very end of the line! I mean, c'mon! It's just not fair! And when we were queuing and had to stop on a hilly road, the car at the back was just too near to ours. We could bump their front bumper IF I was careless with the clutch and gas. Gosh! If only people could be more considerate!

Passing by the food stalls, we couldn't help laughing as the ladies tried to attract us by blowing the smoke of their barbecued chicken wings and tails with their paper fans to our car. Didn't they notice our car windows were closed?? And the food looked all ... red. We couldn't help wondering what they had added to them. Erk!!

We finally left Kuala Lurah at 5.05pm. I dropped off Edie to his place in Mata-Mata then off we went to Soon Lee Lambak. I gotta take my car that Pudin was driving there with so I could have my dine out with Sharul. I hadn't seen him for days and I missed him lots! We had our sungkai at Thai Food Restaurant at Serusup. It was nice to finally meet him :)

I got home at 9pm, after Sharul bought a pair of trousers at Veena's. He wanted me to accompany him but I was too tired to even climb off my car. Thank God he understood me. He has always had anyway :) By the way, Veena's is having discounts now people! ;)

This time, there are no pictures to feast your eyes but how I wish I had taken a few shots of the crocodiles I spotted today! It was my third ride to Temburong this month alone, not to mention a few times last month, yet I never did see any crocs in the water or on the river banks. It was embarrassing though as I screamed "Crocs!!" when others on the boat were either enjoying the good weather, daydreaming or sleeping. I bet, I had ruined their trip this time, erk!!


hazel said...

fuish interesting journey tu.. and i can see u enjoying urself, good for u girl!

izz said... skin yaa..ingat salah blog tadi..hehehehe...;D

Suzila A said...

Hazel .. Yes!! I enjoyed the trip, except for the 2-hour long queue for chopping the passport in Limbang ..

Suzila A said...

Izz .. Hehe .. I just learnt how to change the template so this is the outcome ;) I love it wide and white :D

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