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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Try laaaa .... ;-)

As promised, here's the recipe of 'Tapak Kuda' cake *Izz, try laaaa!* ;-)

The ingredients ... Plus 10 eggs.

110 grams of Hong Kong flour
180 grams of sugar
10 grams of Nespray milk flour
10 eggs (with just 5 yolks added)
4 tablespoons of Golden Churn Butter (melted)
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 tablespoon of Sponge Cake Stabiliser
1 teaspoon of Vanilla Essence
1 teaspoon of Chocolate Emulco / Chocolate Paste (cream)
1 bottle of Nutella Chocolate

--> Mix all ingredients (except Chocolate Emulco / Chocolate Paste (cream) and Nutella Chocolate) and stir for 15 minutes.





---> Separate mixed ingredients into three: two added with Chocolate Emulco / Chocolate Paste (cream); having one of them darker in colour (for decoration).

---> Layer the mixed ingredients ---> chocolate cream added ingredients first then the plain one. Decorate the top with the darker mixture with designs as desired.




---> Bake at 160 degrees for 20 minutes. Cut baked cake into half. Take a piece of plastic wrapping and put the cake on its face down position.

---> Spread Nutella Chocolate cream. Thickness?? As wished. The thicker the tastier :)

---> Fold the cake, meeting at both ends. Wrap then freeze in refrigerator before serving.



~~ GOOD LUCK!! ~~


hazel said...

anak sapalah yg rajin sangat ni..

pssst.. kite tak pernah lagik makan kek ni..

Suzila A said...

Hehehe ... Tu la kalu dah excited hehe =P Sharing jer tu .. Hazel cuba la buat. Sedap!! Famous kat Brunei.

Try laaaa ... ;-)

izz said...

yup, will try later...hehe...;D

'selamat hari raya!!'

Suzila A said...

SELAMAT HARI RAYA to you too dear :)

Suzila A said...

Comments from chatbox:

1 Oct 08, 13:40
Anih: Rest. Yg u gtau a2 nti me try ah.. Thanx 4 da info dalenx. N btw, roll tapak kuda ah, u ada stok? Me mau bali?? Update me dalenx.

1 Oct 08, 17:59
Suzila: Anih ... Thanks for the compliment :) Most pictures I posted with the poems were taken from others' blogs hehe. Mana yang lawa, I saved. Pandai2 behidup keke :P

1 Oct 08, 18:01
Suzila: Anih ... Tapak Kuda?? Doy sian ehh.. Aku nda jual ling.. Apa jua. Beginner. Sila tah beraya krumah sama Mamashasha. She knows my house. Malu ku kan jual ehh hehe. If sudi, aku buat kan la ;)

1 Oct 08, 18:48
anih: bah sis. ok kn.. time sibuk raya ani kan membuat? me oder lah. ok jua 2.. f ok let me know ah..

1 Oct 08, 18:48
anih: my phone no arh mamashasa ada,, f u kn kntek me. nti me braya ah arh umah mu,,

1 Oct 08, 18:51
Suzila: Hmm, just now baru plg jua membuat. Cemana ku bagi kita ah? Jgn tah bali ling. Pembari ku saja p nda plang banyak tu ah. Malu ku kan bejual hehe. Antah nyaman kah nda... :P

1 Oct 08, 18:55
anih: me bali lah

1 Oct 08, 18:55
anih: asta,, membagi kh? galak rasaku eyh.. bah berapa pcs u bagi ah? esk me msg u. bleh mta ur no from mamashasha?

1 Oct 08, 18:55
anih: nda dpt buat d,sini ni.. n thanx

1 Oct 08, 18:55
anih: bah,, gtg dulu.. sok me msg ah..

1 Oct 08, 18:56
anih: sal my frens mencari bah..

1 Oct 08, 19:00
Suzila: bah, u can ask my number arah mamashasha. hahaa.. sian jua.. besuk tah brunding brapa 1 piece :P MALU KU EYHHH ... Kekeke :P

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